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End of Winter Essentials

End of Winter Essentials

MSP End Of Winter Style

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Men's Style Pro WInter Essential

In just a few days, winter will officially come to end. Even though warmer weather is in our future, we know it’s still pretty damn cold outside and lightly bundling up is a must. This winter I’ve personally found sartorial solace  in two pieces in my wardrobe, both of which happen to be the same color burgundy. These two items are my winter hat (called a “skully” here in Philly) and fine gauge merino turtleneck sweater.

Style tips for picking the right skully (winter hat) for you:

  • Evaluate the thickness of the fabric. If you have a full head of hair with some substantial thickness, opt for a thinner hat (so you don’t sweat to death). If you prefer a low-cut or you’re rocking that baldy then a thicker fabric hat will work best.
  • Choosing a color is relatively simple. Solid colors are easy to pair with most outfits (if you’re interest in complementing other pieces in your looks). Sticking with relatively neutral colors like shades of grey is a safe bet, but, don’t be afraid of warm colors like royal blue, burgundy, forest green and burnt orange.
  • Ribbed hats (like the one below) add great texture to your look and can help to conceal any “awkward” lumps in your skull (we’ve all got them).

Style tips for picking the right turtleneck sweater for you:

  • There are three basic colors when looking for a turtleneck sweater: black, grey and navy blue. Once you feel comfortable with those color, step outside of your comfort zone (within reason) and pick up a burgundy or plain red, deep purple or royal blue.
  • Fit: A turtleneck sweater is supposed to fit your body like a glove, but, not a like a glove that is two sizes too small.
  • Fit: The neck of your sweater should fit snuggly as well. If the fit is droopy, the neck is too large and you should size down.
  • Turtleneck sweaters are extremely versatile. Pair them with jeans, leather jackets, corduroy pants and suits, especially tweed or wool suit, because the textures complement each other.          

Shopping Tip

  • Right now is the perfect time of the year to pick up winter hats, sweater, gloves and down vest because all the spring apparel is in or coming into stores. This istime winter apparel goes on sale to make room for all the spring inventory. 

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Men's Style Pro WInter Essential

Custom Glen Plaid Trouser by Imparali Custom Tailors – Cooper Brogue Wingtips by Fin’s For Him – Camel Color Top Coat by Indochino

Wool Hat, Sunglasses, Turtleneck Sweater & Green Downed Vest by H&M

Wool “Ketchup” Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson (available online now)


Olive Green Corduroy Suit Jacket by Onassis Clothing – Levi’s 521 Slim Taper Jeans (Now 508s)

men's style pro winter essentials

Tan Leather Gloves by H&M – Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell glasses by Coastal – 

men's style pro winter essentials

Tan Captoe Boots by ASOS

Photography: Marina T. Peele @CantWinkLefty




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