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Fall Transition Blazer: Wool + Silk + Linen Blend

Fall Transition Blazer: Wool + Silk + Linen Blend

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro in Spier & Mackay Blazer

The Transition Blazer Is Your Style Secret Weapon

As much as we love summer, it’s time to get ready for the most stylish season of all – Fall! Of course, you’ve been staring at those sweaters in the corner and dreaming about layering up your favorite field jacket. But, something that hasn’t change is that you still need to go to the office. That’s why a fall transition blazer will save your life (or your style). 

With the weather influx between hell and those perfect orange leaf, latte-sipping mornings — you need a blazer that can keep you cool and sharp at work. That’s why turning to a blazer with a wool/silk/linen blend might be your best options. 

Featured in this post, is Spier & Mackay’s E.Thomas Aqua & Brown check blazer

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro in Spier & Mackay Blazer

E.Thomas Aqua & Brown Check Blazer (Wool/Silk/Linen Blend) – c/o Spier & Mackay | Light Wash Denim Shirt – Michael Bastian | Green Travel Wallet – c/o Lorton & Horn | Jeans – Gap | Chocolate Brown Oxford Shoes – Cobble & Hyde | Visser Watch – Breda

From a fabric perspective, a wool/silk/linen blend is ideal to wear starting in April through the end of October (especially if you live in the Northeast). It’s breathable, the added texture from the linen makes this type of jacket your transition piece from the office to after-party.

Here Are A Few Reasons/Details That Make A Blazer Like This One Ideal For Fall

  • Most of these blazers or quarter of half-lined. Making them breathable as all hell
  • Natural shoulders. You know I’m right
  • The wool part of the blend helps this jacket keep its shape
  • If you’re ready to hop into the patterned blazer world, most blends of this nature are patterned and oh so beautiful
  • Over time, this type of jacket will mold to your body
  • The texture is versatile enough to be worn with traditional tailored suit pant or like they’re style here with distressed denim

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro in Spier & Mackay Blazer

lorton and horton travel wallet

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Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro in Spier & Mackay Blazer

Cobble & Hyde Suede Chocolate Loafers

Photography by: Saeed Ferguson of All Cap Studio

Location: Rittenhouse, Philadelphia

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