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How Timex Reissue’s Are Winning The Affordable Watch Game

How Timex Reissue’s Are Winning The Affordable Watch Game

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Timex Q Reissue Watches
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Timex Reissue & M78 Watches

Q Reissue 38mm $179 / Q Reissue Falcon Eye $179 / M79 40mm Automatic $279

What at time to be alive, especially if you’re into watches. We’ve seen the grail & mortgage-price level times pieces worn by your favorite celebs and athletes, but, the market for accessible watches has gotten stronger than ever. In the world of Richard Mille, Audemars Piaget, Rolex and Panerai — the trustyAmerican brand Timex has released some horological heat that is selling out like crazy.

Over the last two years, the brand has released a series of reissued styles
from the Marlin to these newly coveted Q series.

This 1979 Reissue of the diver-inspired watch has a two-tone red & blue bezel that is reminiscent to that of the popular Rolex GMT Pepsi, however; priced at $179, this is the perfect intro watch for anyone that appreciate historic craftsmanship, luxury look and affordability. There are plans to release a whole series of the Q 79 in a variety of colorways, so keep that wallet open.

Next up is the Q Reissue Falcon Eye, which an exact replica of the 1978 version. It’s a beauty of a timepiece with a two-tone case, wave dial design and weave bracelet. There’s always a place in your collection for a sophisticated watch that has more character than you do.

Lastly, the new heavy hitter in the group is the M79 Automatic watch. Inspired by the Q 79, the M79 has all the juice of the “Batman” Rolex GMT with it’s two-tone black and blue bezel without the price tag. Priced at $279, this watch might go down in history as best value for a pseudo-luxury item. It’s an automatic watch, with a . 21 jewel mechanical movement and a 40mm case, this watch is fresh, bold and punches way above its weight class (plus
it’s under $300

Q timex 38mm Stainless Steel Reissue

Q Reissue 38mm $179

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Q Reissue Timex Falcon Eye

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Q Reissue Falcon Eye $179

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M79 Stainless Steel Timex Watch

M79 40mm Automatic $279

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