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The Most Stylish Fitness Gear Of 2016

The Most Stylish Fitness Gear Of 2016

MSP Most Stylish Fitness Gear 2016

Men’s Style Pro Is Back and we’re getting in shape!

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2016 is here and of course you’ve resolved to getting fit (just like most of us). While you’re making the effort to get ripped, looking good while you’re doing it doesn’t hurt either. No matter if you’re the outdoor cold weather runner or a gym rat, there’s something for you. This list features some of the most stylish & functional fitness gear to get you through the first half of the new year in style (even if you never make it off the couch).

Good Luck Getting After It

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    • Hi DJ,

      I do subscribe to that notion and there are a few reason why.
      * Why should you look your worst, when you’re trying to make your body its best?
      * Some fitness apparel can assist your workout (compression gear increase circulation/blood flow, different sneakers are better for different type of work
      * More often than not, when you leave the gym you’re not going directly home. You may be running errand and meeting a friend for a quick lunch and if you roll up in some destroy sweats & beat up t-shirt, that’ll be the last lunch you just “roll up to”
      * Lastly, most activities have a uniform. If you’re working out, why not look like you’re working out. It’s true that people are paying attention to what you’re doing in the gym and you never know who you may meet while you’re crushing your workout.

      I hope that helps,

  • Here’s a question I’ve been pondering: When it comes to fitness style, is it a faux pas to mix major brand labels? For instance, Nike, Under Armour and Adidas all in one look?

    • Hi Adam,

      The short answer is – YES!

      You’ll find that some items for different brand fit your body best and provide the proper responsiveness for what you’re looking for. I’d pair pieces together that are complementary in texture and color. for example, I have the sulfur shorts from Rhone, but, I pair them with the black/grey tights from H&M with a heather grey top. It comes down to what works best for you.

      – Sabir

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