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Rock Your Black Jeans 3 Ways

Rock Your Black Jeans 3 Ways

Sabir Peele In 3x1 Black Denim Jeans

You’re probably tired of menswear sites and magazines preaching the doctrine of dark rinse, indigo denim as if it’s the only kind of jeans that exist. Well, before we go 100% off the deep-end and tell you to toss your favorite pair of blues in the trash, take a moment to appreciate them and put them back in your closet. Now, reach deeper into your closet and pull out that pair of black jeans your bough on a whim and give them some new life.

Often worn by rockers and NY scenester, black jeans come with a bit of natural edge that the average dude tends to stray away from. This particular pair of blacks jeans are by 3×1, made right here in the US (out of NYC). 3×1 makes bespoke jeans, made to measure and off the rack denim, crafted with the highest quality that we have ever seen here in the US. The price point is higher than your typical off the rack, mass produced jeans and if you get the chance to check these jeans out, you’ll see why (check out there video on Making 3×1 Jeans).

Since styling black jeans can be a daunting task, below are three looks for a bit of style inspiration using the M3 XX133 black raw denim jeans. 

Weekend Traveling Rockstar

Sabir Peele in Cockpit USA Jacket & 3x1 M3 Black Denim Jeans

 Leather G-1 Military Spec Jacket – Cockpit USA | Plaid Shirt – Frank & Oak | Joseph Marc Sunglasses –

Style Tips:

  • Leather jackets & boots are synonymous with black jeans (gives off the rocker vibe). Make sure your jacket stops right at your waist and your boots have a slim silhouette.
  • Break up this all black look with a deep color shirt (like this red). Bright colors will take away from the cohesiveness of the look, so steer clear of them when putting this look together.
  • This look works well if your getting together with the guys, a first date or just a weekend trip to the movies. It’s tailored enough not to be seen as a sloppy outfit, but, it’s casual enough not to make you look like a stiff.

Sabir In Frank & Oak Shirt & Cockpit USA Jacket

Orchestra Tank Watch – Breil | Weekend Bag –

Sabir Peele in 3x1 Black Denim Jeans

Sabir Peele in Johnston & Murphy Hannigan Gore Boots

Hannigan Gore Chelsea Boot – Johnston & Murphy

Black & Tan

Sabir Peele In 3x1 black denim jeans & aston grey wingtips from dsw

 Custom Camel Overcoat – Indochino 

Styling Tan Shoes With Black Jean

  • Take a cue from the ladies, tan shoes and black jeans pair together quite harmoniously. 
  • Look for a pair of tan shoes with a bit of darker burnish. The burnish coloring will complement the black jeans, so there isn’t such a contrast in the pieces.
  • If possible, add another tan piece to the look to complement your shoes. 
  • The silhouette of your shoes should match the fit of your jeans.

sabir peele in 3x1 jeans and turtleneck

 Fine Gauge Turtleneck Sweater – H&M 

Sabir in Aston Grey Wingtips, 3x1 black jeans, tobox bracelet & korchmar briefcase

Madison Briefcase- Korchmar | Handmade Bracelet – Tobox (Philly)| Mesh Band Watch – Timex | Tan Mercer Wingtips – Aston Grey via DSW

 Casually Blazin’

Sabir in Enzo Custom Blazer 7 3x1 black jeans

 Custom Black Blazer – Enzo Custom (Philly) | Striped T-Shirt – H&M 

Blazer Styling Tip

  • Call this the anti-suit. 
  • Pushing your blazer sleeves up with keep the look as casual as possible, especially when styled with a t-shirt.
  • Give the look a bit of “polished” structure by adding a plan white pocket square (it’ll complement your shirt too).
  • Your t-shirt doesn’t have to look perfect, even when pair with a blazer. Pull the collar down some and loosen up a little.
  • Pairing white sneakers with this look adds a great contrast and keeps the look fresh.

Sabir in Enzo Custom Blazer 7 3x1 black jeans

 Derek Cardigan Glasses – |  Lapel Flower – Vivarati 

Sabir Peele wearing The Knottery new watch band & degs & sal bracelet

Paisley Watch Band – The Knottery | Easy Reader – Timex | Leather & Gold Bracelet – Degs & Sal 

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Suits & Sneakers

Sabir Peele in Lands Canvas Sneakers

 White Canvas Sneakers – Lands End 

Warner Pup aka Men's Style Pup in American Apparel Hoodie

(My Dog Warner) Red Flex Fleece Dog Hoodie – American Apparel 

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele @Cantwinklefty via Instagram






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  • Great post, Sabir! I’ve been hoping to see more content on the site lately, and you really hit this one out of the park.

  • Nice outfits! Looks kinda weird to me without a belt… But, still. damn. This is some excellent style inspiration. Thank you. Nice article.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for dropping in. Belts are hit or miss for me. Most of the time I’m wearing purely for the purpose of style and breaking up an outfit. Since most of my pants are custom or have been altered to fit perfectly i will forego a belt. However; I do wear belt with blue jeans because they appear more casual.

      • That makes sense. I think I would feel naked without a belt. Although, I’m about to take make my first trip to the tailor with a test shirt and pair of pants. We’ll see how it goes.

        I’ve been looking around and I gotta say, the site looks great. Not sure if/when you had a redesign, but it’s good. Lots of awesome content too. I will definitely be back.

        • I would take pictures of styles that you like to your tailor so that they know exactly what you want. Pull up some tumblr pages on your phone or print some stuff out.

          I knew it was time for a change and I need something that was simple but eye catching for our readers.Thanks for the continued support and SPREAD THE WORD!!! hahaha



  • Sabir,

    Just stumbled across your actual blog. Prodigious work, Sir.

    Thank you for doing what you do – I’m finding fresh inspiration everywhere!

  • Superb style inspirations… Guys must look out these styles for the perfect look with black denims… But these looks can look more appealing with a trendy belt…

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for dropping by. When I had these jeans cut by 3×1 they were definitely too tight. When I shot this, I may have only had them for 3 days. As skeptical as I was I continued to wear them and break them in. Finally, they’re loose in the thigh.

      – Sabir

  • I love your blog for style inspiration, and I am a girl. I love black jeans and this is great post! Your dog Warner looks really cute, you should have him in the pictures more.

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