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Versus: How We Rock Our PF Flyers High Tops

Versus: How We Rock Our PF Flyers High Tops

PF Flyers vs Shot via Men's Style Pro

Welcome to the first installment of the Men’s Style Pro Versus Series. Periodically, Alex (of The Pantalones Blog and the new Lifestyle Editor of Men’s Style Pro) and I will style some pieces from our favorite brands for you too judge and to get some style inspiration in the process. First up to bat are the Center Hi (high top) sneaker by PF Flyers. To emphasize our style aesthetics, we chose different version of the black Center-Hi sneaker. As you can see, Alex went with the classic all black Center Hi in canvas, as opposed to my half leather, half wool version of the Center-Hi with white soles. 

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PF Flyers Versus Men's Style Pro Shoot

Alex Delany – All Black Canvas Center Hi Sneakers (Sandlot)

Alex Delany Wear Center Hi Pf Flyers

Hat: Fan Favorite | Coat: Jil Sander + Uniqlo | Rugby: Kent Wang  |Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: PF Flyers | Watch: Tissot |Nato Strap: J.Crew

When it comes to sneakers, simple is always the word that comes to my mind, and it was simplicity that dictated my choice in sneakers and the overall flow of my kit. It’s true that sneakers automatically call for a more casual outfit, but that doesn’t mean that tailored details or pieces can’t make their way into the ensemble. 

For my kit, I wanted to keep with the sportswear tradition of the PF Flyers brand, so I built my kit around American sportswear essentials. The unstructured baseball cap, rugby, classic denim, and canvas Nato strap all bring athletically inspired elements to the kit, with the simple sneakers to ground it. All of the pieces create a relaxed athleticism. However, a look that predictable can get a little boring, so throwing in a bit of contemporary tailoring, via the cashmere chesterfield and Italian style details on the rugby, takes the look to the next level. There isn’t anything insanely flashy about this kit, but the look as a whole is cohesive and interesting in it’s nod to classic American athletic wear and contemporary flair. The simplicity, running from piece to piece, keeps the look modest, yet intelligent.

Alex Delany Wearing PF Flyers Center Hi

Alex Delany Wear Center Hi Pf Flyers

Alex Delany Wear Center Hi Pf Flyers

Alex Delany in PF Flyers Center Hi


Sabir Peele – Wool & Leather Center Hi Sneakers

Sabir Peele in Wool/Leather Pf Flyers Center Hi

G1 Leather Jacket – Cockpit USA | Grey V-Neck T-shirt – Urban Outfitters | Black Raw Denim Jeans – 3×1 xx133 | Center Hi Wool/Leather Sneakers – PF Flyers | Bead Bracelet – Tobox Shoes | Watch – Breil 

I’ve always been a fan of classic sneakers with a slight twist and that’s exactly what these Center Hi sneakers provide. The combination of leather and wool materials makes these sneakers cold weather appropriate without having to step into the boot realm. 

Even though this look this teeters on the “All Black Everything” vibe, the grey wool in the sneakers and the grey of the t-shirt add some depth to its casualness. In regard to the break of the jeans, personally I feel that a stacked cuff looks more natural than a hard cuff that meets right at the top of the shoe. As with Alex’s look, these sneakers aren’t flashy, so they really fly under the radar for the typical sneakerhead.  As with any monochromatic look, it’s definitely a good idea to throw in one color for a bit of juxtaposition, that’s why I’ve pair these red bracelets with this outfit. Bracelets are a very personal preference type of thing, so tip-toe into that style pool.  

Sabir Peele in Wool/Leather Pf Flyers Center Hi


Sabir Peele in Wool/Leather Pf Flyers Center Hi

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Sabir Peele in Wool/Leather Pf Flyers Center Hi

Sabir Peele in Wool/Leather Pf Flyers Center Hi


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Photo Cred: Alex Delany shot me & vice versa.

Written: Alex Delany & Sabir Peele




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