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Brands To Watch | Treats Quality Apparel Inc

Brands To Watch | Treats Quality Apparel Inc


Just over a week ago, I released a feature on the short-sleeved button down shirt– hailing it as the unsung hero of summer in menswear. During my search, I stumbled upon Treats Quality Apparel (Treats for short). A brand that specializes in short sleeve button ups, or what they call “the quintessential leisure shirt” and I was truly impressed by the fun spirit of the shirts. These guys are “truly committed to leisure”. 

Of course, I reached out to the guys that run the Treats just to pick their brains for a bit and I got the sense that they just wanted to make cool shirts that you’d wear while having a great time. All of their shirts are handmade in limited run in the US. Most of the shirts come in patterns that are synonymous with the summer like Hawaiian prints, nautical themes, geometric patterns, as well as, solid color everyday designs. What they’ve really gotten right is the concept of scale of their patterns and the dying process of their colors. There’s no one pattern or color that’s too crazy! Designed with a modern, tailored fit — these shirts are welcomed upgrade from their boxy predecessors from decades past. I would definitely give these shirts a try during the last days of summer and it never hurts to have a few stored away for the warm weather getaway during the winter. 

Below are my three favorites (click the shirts to shop).

The Bogota


The Mandalay Bay

mandalay bay

The Honolulu

Honolulu Shirt - Treats Quality ApparelBe sure to visit to check out their full selection of shirts.


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