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Unsung Summer Hero : The Short Sleeve Buttoned Down Shirt
JJ threads custom button down shirt - Men's Style Pro
[tps_header]Often thought of as the uniform of pocket protected, data crunching and social awkward dude (aka “nerd”), the Short Sleeve Buttoned Down Shirt made a huge splash in everyday menswear this summer. Some of your favorite brands released patterns ranging from Hawaiian prints to your traditional checks. The shirts that featured in post are all custom designed via J.J. Threads To ensure that these shirts didn’t fall into “too casual” category, they were all created with stiffer collars, however; the wash/broken collar style is available. 

You don’t have to be a buff guy to rock a short sleeve shirt (unless you’re trying to flex on everyone), but, there are some basic tips/guidelines to executing the art of the bare arm Lothario. Below are some helpful tips for those who fear the short-sleeved button down shirt.

 General Style Tips To Rocking A Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

  • Tailoring is crucial: A nip/tuck to the torso and tapering of the sleeves will give your shirt the proper fit and shape for your body.
  • Length: Rocking a short sleeve shirt is an appropriate time to try going “untucked” for a casual feel. If you’re going custom, opt for a shirt length that is an inch to 1.5 inches shorter than your regular shirts. You’ll still have enough fabric to tuck in your shirt and it’s short enough not to look like a gown when untucked. 

[tps_title]Look 1 of 3 | Summer Suited[/tps_title]

JJ threads custom button down shirt - Men's Style Pro

Linen Suit – Onassis Clothing | Custom Chambray Short Sleeved Button Shirt – J.J. Threads | Custom “Ricky” Sunglasses – Lookmatic | Pocket Square – The Tie Bar | Caramel Suede Loafers “400” – Just A Men Shoe 

Want to beat the heat and still look work appropriate? A short sleeve buttoned down shirt can be a secret weapon when paired with a suit. Even if you’re not suiting up for the office, you can pull this look off at a summer party or event where suiting up is expected. 

Tips To Rock A Short Sleeve Button Down With A Suit

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  • The Collar: Ditched the relaxed, washed collar and opt for the more business like stiff collar. You’ll be able to fool a few people from the neck up that you wearing a regular collared shirt under your blazer.
  • Pattern: Less is more. Keep the shirt solid, but, play around with texture. Stay cool with a chambray, linen or cotton shirt. The shirt in this look is chambray pair with a linen suit. 
  • Pattern continued: If you’re dying to rock a pattern short sleeve shirt, gingham & stripes will stay classic, however; a subtle pindot pattern can add a modern twist
  • Neckwear : Don’t be afraid to wear a tie with your short sleeve shirt, just keep it basic and modern. Light fabrics like linen and chambray will complement the season well

JJ threads custom button down shirt - Men's Style Pro

JJ threads custom button down shirt - Men's Style Pro

JJ threads custom button down shirt - Men's Style Pro

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