Sabir M. Peele review High On Leather Vintage Backpack

Product Review: The High On Leather Vintage Leather Backpack


The world of commuter carry-alls are filled with sad messenger bags, multi-purpose nylon gym bags & overly technical backpacks. Although very practical, finding a backpack that complements your workwear can be a tall order. To help find a more stylish backpack option we’ve set out on a mission to find best ones around. 

Kicking off our search for the perfect leather backpack is this vintage-inspired piece from High On Leather

Sabir M. Peele review High On Leather Vintage Backpack

14 Inch Leather Backpack – High On Leather | Yellow Windowpane Chapman Jacket – Thomas Pink | Tan George Boot – Cobbler Union | Cargo Pants – Todd Snyder x Gap | Grey Cashmere Hoodie – Mooncats 

High On Leather is an online e-tailer (based in India) that provides leather backpacks, work & travel bags for both men and women. If you get a chance to read their story, you’ll understand that their noble mission is to supply the market with eco-friendly leather bags & accessories at 60% of the cost of most retailers. 

Here are the specs (from HOL site) on this backpack:

  • Colour: Brown
  • Leather: Goat Leather
  • Dimensions: 14(H) * 11(W) * 5(D)
  • 1 Front pocket
  • 2 Pockets on each side
  • 1 Zippered pocket on top flap
  • 3 large compartments
  • 1 Zippered pocket on the back side of the bag
  • Briefcase Handle on top

Men’s Style Pro Opinion of the High On Leather 14 inch Backpack

I’ll give you my overall grade before breaking down my reasoning. This leather backpack receives at B grade.

  • The tri-color tan leather is beautiful and will age extremely well – Pro
  • With ample compartments, there’s no need to leave your important documents and items at home – Pro
  • The side pocket/compartments fit my iPhone 6 perfectly. This is a huge plus for keeping my phone in a proper storage space and out of my pant or suit jacket pockets- Pro
  • Looks smashing with a suit & other corporate work apparel – Major Pro
  • Major Con – the adjustable straps need to be shortened or more holes need to be added. The reason why this is a major con is that without holding on the straps, the backpack sits to low on your back
  • Con: the green interior color isn’t complementary or as polished as one would think from such a beautiful leather bag. From an aesthetic end, the interior color seemed like an after thought

Sabir M. Peele review High On Leather Vintage Backpack

Sabir M. Peele review High On Leather Vintage Backpack

Sabir M. Peele review High On Leather Vintage Backpack

Sabir M. Peele review High On Leather Vintage Backpack

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