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Grooming Upgrade: Bevel’s New Skincare Line

Grooming Upgrade: Bevel’s New Skincare Line

Bevel bar soap & body wash

This is a sponsored post w/ Bevel, however; all opinions are that of Men’s Style Pro

Bevel came on the scene as the brand that caters to the shaving needs of black and latino men with coarse hair with their award-winning safety razor system and boutique level shaving products. They have now expanded their product offering to a full range of body & skincare. I was able to test run their new aluminum-free deodorant, face serum, face wash, exfoliating bar soap and Supreme Oak hydrating body wash.

Thank you to the Bevel team for helping me #BevelUp my grooming routine. Check out my thoughts below on their new products.

Bevel Grooming

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Bevel Grooming

Your face is the first thing that people see when they meet you (besides your clothes) and finding a face wash that cleans, exfoliates, hydrates and refreshes is the goal. Containing the ingredients tea tree oil, B3 and coconut water, Bevel’s face wash does all of the above.

What I love about this Face Wash

This face wash is truly light and refreshing. As soon as you rinse your face, you can feel the breeze on your pores as if they’re open for the first time. Plus, it doesn’t irritate my semi-sensitive skin.

Bevel Grooming
Bevel Grooming

Toners are really hit or miss for me because they can often be too abrasive or drying. In reality, they should be the complete opposite. So, after the third time I used Bevel’s toner, I was blown away.

Why I love this Toner

This toner is by far the best toner that I’ve ever used. It deep cleans without micro beads and with its mix of witch hazel (cleanses), aloe vera (soothes) and 10% Glycolic acid — my ingrown hairs have toned down. And, my skin is becoming more even as a result.

Bevel Grooming
Bevel Grooming

Final step with your face is moisturizing your skin with a serum. For daily application, finding a serum that’s light and spreads without having to over apply is ideal.

Why I love this Moisturizing Serum

As a black man, I often suffer from visibly uneven skin and dark spots — which is quite distressing especially being in front of the camera daily. With a mixture of Glycerin, Vitamin B3 and Sodium Hyaluronate this serum moisturizes the skin, smooth textures and helps lessen the appearance of dark spots, scars and razor bumps.

Bevel Grooming
Bevel Grooming

Deodorant. We all use it and it seems like everyone is on a search for the most natural version themselves to keep them fresh. Finding a deodorant without aluminum as an ingredient that has lasting power that more than 24 hours is almost unheard of.

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Why I love This Deodorant

It’s streak free, aluminum free and moisturizes. Plus, i’ll be funk free for 48 hours. Also, on almost every overnight trip, I tend to forget my deodorant when I pack. So, that extra day of protection is clutch.

Bevel Grooming
Bevel bar soap & body wash

With bar soaps and body washes, many are lacking in the hydration department. And, when they step into the exfoliating realm, they add plastic micro beads that aren’t great for the environment. Luckily, Bevel added exfoliants are natural pumice and hydrated silica (natural mineral), respectively.

Why I love the Exfoliating Bar Soap & Body Wash

Starting with exfoliating bar soap — I grew up as a kick using bar soap that left residue on my skin for days, didn’t hydrate one bit and definitely didn’t exfoliate. So, this bar of soap is essentially like using magic to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate my skin in one shot.

However; the body wash might be my favorite of the two because of the three available scents that are rich, earthy and leaves the right kind of lasting fragrance. Plus, it exfoliates and moisturizes just as well as the bar of soap (better in my opinion).

Bevel Bar Soap
Bevel Body Wash Shower

This is a sponsored post w/ Bevel, however; all opinions are that of Men’s Style Pro

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