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Style Tip: How To Master Contrasting Part I: The Denim Shirt

Style Tip: How To Master Contrasting Part I: The Denim Shirt

Denim Twill Shirt by Twillory

Over the past three years, the denim shirt has crept its way into the staples pieces of menswear aficionados wardrobes like no other item of clothing has in decades. After taking style notes from our European brethren, guys in the US are finally riding the denim shirt wave and are embracing the hell-out-of it! The denim shirt feature in this post is by Twillory

Denim shirts typically have a less-tailored fit and are more inline with Western/workwear styles, however; the new denim shirt is tailored to be your new favorite dress shirt. Donning a French placket, brushed twill fabric and cutaway collar, you can head to the office and out to drinks in your denim rig without thinking twice about changing. Once denim leaves your legs and makes the trip up to your torso, guys tend to fall apart with regard to styling ideas. Starting with the more difficult concept, this post will address contrasting your denim shirt without wrecking your entire look. 

Denim Twill Shirt by Twillory

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Tips & Tricks To Contrasting Your Denim Shirt

Indigo, light-blue wash and black are the most common rinses that you’ll see for denim jeans and shirts. The easiest rinse to contrast effectively is the light-indigo (aka this shirt). Below are a few tips to executing a solid look with a denim shirt;

  • This look: There are several elements that went into pulling this look together, however; the primary grounding agents are the knit navy tie and brown suede loafers. The blue of the denim shirt and grey striping in the waist coat & pants a complement each other, however; the shirt does pop against the tan of the other garments. When in doubt tan, indigo and brown complement each other at all times.
  • Try This Shirt With: A dark khaki suit! There’s no better way to make a deep khaki suit pop that with an indigo shirt. Just like this look, pair a darker texture tie (knit or wool) to pull the look together.
  • Look For The Details: Opt for a denim shirt that has all the elements of a dress shirt. Look for spread or cutaway collars, French placket and double barrel cuffs. 
  • Experiment: Once you feel that you’ve “mastered” contrasting, think about rocking an all blue look. The key to rocking the all blue look is mixing blues but not matching. Trying a navy suit, indigo jeans (Canadian-Tux) or chinos. 

Denim Twill Shirt by Twillory

Daniel Wellington Classic York Watch

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