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How To | The Red Starter Kit

How To | The Red Starter Kit

Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers

For a guy, embracing any bit of “color” in their wardrobe can be quite the daunting feat. So there’s no question that adding red any thing to a guy’s look can either teeter on matador or style aficionado. Your goal may be not to fall into either category, but, learning how to add some red accents to your look is crucial for some style growth.

Recently, I did an interview with PF Flyer, the storied 75-year-old footwear brand, for their “Pioneers Of Style” campaign and they were kind enough to send these red, nylon Center Lo kicks our way (thanks so much). If there’s one place guys can feel a bit of freedom to spice up their style is in their footwear. You can be wearing a bespoke pair of wingtips or rocking some dope Jordans, your footwear may become your style canvas (and for good reason). Coming from a pretty athletic background (14 years of track & field including NCAA & club) rocking kicks with some serious color isn’t all that foreign. To help ease you in to donning some red pieces, below are (hopefully) some helpful tip:

Red Style Tips

  • Avoid solid red shirts. Striped, checked or gingham breaks up the “in your face” nature of a red shirt.
  • Try a pair of red sneakers with white soles. You won’t feel like you’re, Yeezus, rocking your “Red Octobers“.
  • Think about other accessories.. ie your watch game. Peep the red silicone watch in this feature by Nooka.
  • It’s perfectly fine to wear multiple red pieces in one look, just be sure to have proper space between them. 
  • Remember, Santa Claus is the only guy that rocks all red without a problem. 

Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers & Nooka Watch

Denim Jacket – Levi’s | Corduroy 5 Panel Hat – Staple Pigeon 

Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers & Nooka Watch

Zub Zen V Silicone Digital Watch – Nooka | Cargo Khakis – Uniqlo

Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers & Nooka Watch

 Blue Leather Bracelet – Degs & Sal 

Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers & Nooka Watch

 Quilted Sweatshirt – H&M

Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers

 Red Nylon Center Lo Sneakers – PF Flyers

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Sabir M. Peele in PF Flyers Nylon Sneakers & Nooka Watch


Photography Credit: Marina T. Peele @CantWinkLefty (



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