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The TMG Bison Burger That Changed My Life

The TMG Bison Burger That Changed My Life

Twenty Manning Bison Burger 12

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]o say a burger changed my life is a bit dramatic, but, my standard for judging burgers was greatly affected by Twenty Manning Grills Bison Burger.

Also, Welcome To MSP Eats & Drinks!

Twenty Manning Bison Burger 1

Chef  Kiong Presents the TMG Burger

For the past 5 years, I’ve been a frequent patron of Twenty Manning. Meaning that they see me about 3 times a month. Located at 20th & Manning Street in the scenic Rittenhouse section of Philly and serves as neighborhood people watch and chill hangout spot.

The best way to describe the food is upscale American-fare, however; that only gives you a small glimpse into their culinary offerings. Be sure to check out the full menu here. But, let’s get back to my love of the bison burger.

My TMG Bison Burger Fandom

Let’s paint a picture. You’re presented with a cutting board that’s adorned with expertly cut fries, a pickle and then a masterpiece of bison burger artistry. Topped with gorgonzola, Kentucky bacon and red onions, each bite into this lean 8 oz burger is a savory taste of perfection. When all these flavors come together, you create a lifetime fan.

When your waiter asks you “how would you like it prepared?” Your answer should always be — medium rare. Respect the burger! Now let’s talk about my preferred drink pairing (see below). 

Twenty Manning Bison Burger 2

The Martini Pairing

Twenty Manning Bison Burger 10As an intense craver of savory foods, a savory drink is right up my alley as well. Even though it’s not a traditional burger pairing, my drink of choice is the Filthy Martini (yeah, it’s EXTRA Dirty). Amanda, who bartends at Twenty Manning on Thursday’s makes a damn good one and here’s her recipe:

                The Filthy Martini

  • 2.25 oz Stateside Vodka (Philly-based distillery)
  • 1.25 oz Olive Brine
  • 3-4 drop of Dolin dry Vermouth
  • Shake – Strain – 3 Olives

Twenty Manning Bison Burger 11

Twenty Manning Bison Burger 9


Photography: Sabir M. Peele

Thanks to Twenty Manning Grill for letting me into your kitchen and for keeping me full for all these years.

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