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10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now

10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now

Men's Camp Collar & Floral Shirts

The season of foliage themed gear is upon us and there’s no better way to step of your leafy style game than rocking a floral shirt. We’re not talking about your dad’s go-to, oversized, linen resort shirt that comes out at every vacation & bbq, where going tailored. 

Sabir in Commonwealth Proper BBQ Floral Shirt

Vintage Green Leaf Print Made-To-Made BBQ Shirt – Commonwealth Proper

As a trend, I’m 100% on board because there’s a level of fun that these shirts bring to almost any look. Here are a few tips to pulling off these shirts without looking like a walking bouquet. 

BBQ & Floral Shirt Styling Tips

  1. A tailored fit is key
  2. Opt for a shorter length
  3. If the shirt is short-sleeved, turn up the cuff once. The proper length for any short sleeve shirt is mid-bicep
  4. Break away from the floral shirt norms for rocking an all “resort” look. Pair these shirts with a suit & sneakers, a leather jacket or just about any normal look


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What’s your favorite floral shirt from the list? Let me in the comments section below. 


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