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Maximized Minimal Sneakers w/ ECCO Soft 8 Two Ways

Maximized Minimal Sneakers w/ ECCO Soft 8 Two Ways

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

(Feature in partnership with ECCO)


[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]e’ve arrived at a peak moment in the minimal sneaker game. If you’re on the search for a new pair of low-profile sneakers to add to your footwear arsenal, let me introduce you to the ECCO Soft 8.

Sporty Weekender

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

Soft 8 Black Sneaker (Tie) – c/o ECCO | Floral Bomber Jacket – Club Monaco | Matte Black Sunglasses –Vilbrequin | Jogger Sweatpants – H&M 

Quick Back Story on my ECCO Soft 8 Origin

[dropcap size=big]B[/dropcap]efore getting into the editorial portion of this feature, let’s discuss how I became a fan of these sneakers. Just a few weeks back, ECCO opened a location at the King of Prussia Mall (just outside of Philly). Fortunately, I was invited to the grand opening event and had the chance to test out a few pairs of shoes first hand.

After looking through every pair of shoes from golf cleats to hiking boots, I kept coming back to a pair of black ECCO Soft 8 sneakers. It’s not a joke. Before leaving the store, I think I picked up those sneakers 10 times (even before trying them on).

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

The Perfect Streetwear Sneaker (with the soul of a traditional shoe)

With a beefed up outsole, the Soft 8’s are a standout in the low prolife shoe market. If you take a not-so-scientific poll by walking into a few sneaker stores or checking any menswear site, most of the minimal kicks that are featured have thin, low-profile soles. Now, those thin soles look great, but, are clearly missing some substance when put head-to-head with the Soft 8. 

The chunky sole has that high-end streetwear brand look, plus the pebble grain leather in reminiscent of an Oxford lace-up. Pair them with a black suit and a this season’s patterned shirt of the moment for a swerve on the menswear game. Or, rock them with a sportswear-inspired look. Pairing them with your favorite tailored joggers & bomber jacket will make you streetwear-god in the making. 

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

Technically Comfortable

As a big time walk, a stylish sneaker that offers maximum comfort is ideal. During an average day in Philly, I walk about 8 miles bouncing from meeting to meeting and photo shoots. Tired of being the victim of uncomfortable sneakers, I dig some digging on why these kicks were so comfortable right out of the box. 

Their outsoles are molded directly to the upper using a process called DIP — Direct Injection Production. This process makes these sneakers more flexible and offers an enhanced comfort.  


ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

Casual FRIDAY Pro 

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

White Soft 8 Lace-Up Sneakers – c/o ECCO | Navy Cargo Khaki – c/o Marcel Floruss x Designow Collab | Gingham Suit Jacket – Hardy Amies | Chambray Shirt & Pocket Square – The Tie Bar | Knit Tie – Oliver Wicks | Brown Leather Folio – Hook & Albert

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Oh! Casual Friday! Walking through any corporate office, it’s easy to see that people still don’t understand how to pull off a well-curated casual Friday look that’s truly work appropriate.  The most agregious of offenders is that one guy wearing his gym shoes and overly washed jeans. Don’t be that guy! 

  • Step 1. Leave the gym shoes in your gym bag. 
  • Step 2. Add some casually tailored piece to your look (unlined patch pocket blazer, cargo chinos
  • Step 3. Add a pair of minimal, crisp white sneakers to the look

During the warmer months, a minimal white sneaker can glide through the office, while receiving more positive thumbs up than that 9:00am presentation that you just suffered through. Pair them with a blue cotton suit or your favorite tailored chinos. 

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

ECCO Soft 8 Sneaker on Men's Style Pro

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