10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now

Men's Camp Collar & Floral Shirts
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Miyagi Camp-Collar Floral Shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
NN07 Camp Shirt - Mr Porter $145

This tonal blue on blue floral camp collar shirt is your gateway into your quintessential paradise gear

Topman Floral Drape shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
Topman Drape Pattern Floral Shirt $60

Not for the menswear novice, this shirt is the epitome of peacocking. This summer, pair it with your favorite navy suit (hopefully, with patch pocket) and no tie. Remember that you're the life of the party now!

Commonwealth Proper BBQ Floral Shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
Commonwealth Proper MTM BBQ Shirt $295

One of my favorite on the market right now, this made-to-measure BBQ shirt from Philly's own CMMP emphasizes bold, yet, muted pattern. I have the green leaf option one (see post home page)

EPTM Cuban Collar Floral Shirt from Forever 21
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
EPTM Cuban Collar Shirt - F21 $48

If there's a shirt that screams summer, Cuban-style and all things swaggy, this is the shirt you need. Rock it with you favorite white shorts and slip-on sneakers. Don't forget your Panama hat!

H&M Blue & White Long Sleeve Floral Shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
H&M Blue Cotton Long-Sleeve Floral Shirt $19.99

There's a chance that this might be the steal of this gallery. At $19, this shirt is bound to be a summer staple. Throw it on with a blue cotton suit and some white sneakers and crush every summer event

Short-sleeve half zip black floral shirt - HM
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
Short Sleeve Half-Zip Floral Shirt $39.99

Why do i love this shirt? It reminds me of a Flint Tropics warm up shirt. I'm sold!

Gucci Camp Collar Silk Floral Shirt - Mr Porter
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
Gucci Silk Camp Collar Polo Shirt $980.00

It wouldn't be a good list without a Gucci cameo. The epitome of all things luxe, this is the camp collar shirt that you wear while primarily drinking espresso, champagne and wear slippers. You're living your best life here.

AMI Long Sleeve Black & teal floral shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
AMI Long Sleeve Floral Shirt $275

Remember when "going out shirts" we're a thing? Well, if you're going to rock a black suit at night, this is the shirt that will add some much need flavor to what can be a stiff look

American Eagle Outfitters Camp Collar Oxford Floral Shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
AEO Floral Camp Shirt $34.95

Besides being a steal at just under $35, this AEO shirt might be the most versatile of this entire list. Rock it with with a leather jacket and jeans, shorts or a suit this spring/summer

J.Crew Red Leaf Floral Shirt
10 Floral & BBQ Shirts To Rock Right Now
J.Crew Red Leaf floral shirt $59.50

Here's the archetype of the perfect floral shirt: 1. Muted but still bold base color 2. Well-tailored torso 3. Button-down Collar 4. Shorter Length 5. Bicep Length Sleeve (turned up cuff)

The season of foliage themed gear is upon us and there’s no better way to step of your leafy style game than rocking a floral shirt. We’re not talking about your dad’s go-to, oversized, linen resort shirt that comes out at every vacation & bbq, where going tailored. 

Sabir in Commonwealth Proper BBQ Floral Shirt

Vintage Green Leaf Print Made-To-Made BBQ Shirt – Commonwealth Proper

As a trend, I’m 100% on board because there’s a level of fun that these shirts bring to almost any look. Here are a few tips to pulling off these shirts without looking like a walking bouquet. 

BBQ & Floral Shirt Styling Tips

  1. A tailored fit is key
  2. Opt for a shorter length
  3. If the shirt is short-sleeved, turn up the cuff once. The proper length for any short sleeve shirt is mid-bicep
  4. Break away from the floral shirt norms for rocking an all “resort” look. Pair these shirts with a suit & sneakers, a leather jacket or just about any normal look


What’s your favorite floral shirt from the list? Let me in the comments section below. 


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