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Shop #Menswear via Men’s Style Pro #eBayCollection

Shop #Menswear via Men’s Style Pro #eBayCollection

Men's Style Pro #eBaycollection

When Men’s Style Pro first launched, I sang the praises of shopping for thrifted items via Ebay. If there was ever one gripe that I had about shopping on the site, it was that I could never find like items or consistent brands in one place. Recently, Ebay launched #EbayCollection that allows it’s members to curate shoppable collections. This new collection format, makes the eBay shopping experience fun and relatively easy.

Men’s Style Pro curated 24 #menswear related created collections that will be updated periodically with fresh items for you to shop. If you get the chance to check out the trending collection, you will see that Pharrell Williams is one of the main curators. Pharrell has always been a style inspiration and it’s cool to see our collections alongside his. Two of Men’s Style Pro’s collections are among the top trending and they are The #Menswear Starter Kit & Snapback and Fitted Hats

The #Menswear Starter Kit



The #Menswear Starter Kit #eBayCollection is our guide to those guys that want to make their jump in the scene and need slight push. You’ll find all the menswear staples like double monk strap shoes, nato strap watches and of course a Levi’s denim jacket. There was a time when finding these items on eBay was a serious challenge, so hopefully this collection makes the shopping experience easier for everyone. 

Snapback & Fitted Hats


Men's Style Pro Snapback & Fitted Hats #ebayCollection


It may as a surprise, but, I am a huge hat fan! It’s not often you’ll see me in one, however; snapbacks & fitted hats have been a part of my personal style since the mid-90s. One the of the trends that you’ll see this year are five panel hat with some kind of floral pattern or high fashion aesthetic. If you’re looking for a hat with a bit of novelty, definitely check out the Transformers or Pac-Man fitteds, but, if you are looking for traditional athletic hats, there are a few in the collection too! Be sure to follow Men’s Style Pro on eBay to stay up-to-date with our collections and to see what’s trending.  


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