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Debunking The Bowtie Stigma

Debunking The Bowtie Stigma

Lumina Company Bowtie on Men's Style Pro (Sabir M. Peele)

Rocking a bow tie in most cases just isn’t cool. Images of scary ass clowns, prep school jerks (no offense to my prep school readers), weather men in Philadelphia and the professor that never really has it all together comes to mind when you think of bow tie wearing icons (you can forget Professor Fink from The Simpsons). Your first bow tie memory probably dates back to those awkward family Easter photos that you took at Sears, where you just unbearably adorable. Fast forward to your present-day self, the thought of rocking a bow tie has crossed your mind a few times and you’re trying to figure out where to start.

A word to the wise when picking a bow tie is, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Bow ties are already a novelty item, so the one thing you want to steer clear of is looking like a character, instead of just a dude wearing a tie. Below are a few tips to help you on your bow tie adventure.

Ps. The bow tie in this feature is by Lumina Clothing Company and it looks like they just released their completely American-made denim. Check them out when you get the chance. 

Bow Tie Tips

  • There are several bow tie shapes/style, so choose the one the complements your face best. The most common styles are the butterfly and the diamond point bow tie.
  • Some brand make a long version of both style of bow tie, avoid the ties like the plague. You want your bow tie to frame you face and stay within the width of your jaw line. 
  • Most bow ties are 2 to 2.5 inch high (butterfly style), anything higher than that requires some circus training.
  • If you’re interested in rocking a bow tie with jeans, wool ties pair the best. Silk bow ties are a great complement to tweed/wool jackets.
  • Many menswear mags say its okay to wear a pre tied bow tie, but, if you really are going to wear one, go self-tie. 
  • As you can see from this feature, bow ties don’t stay perfectly straight. Don’t get bent out of shape! Just roll with it. 

Lumina Clothing Bow Tie on Sabir Peele of Men's Style Pro

 Bow Tie by Lumina Clothing Co | Button Down Shirt by Hucklebury | Custom Blue Plaid Waist & Trousers by Dragon Inside

Lumina Clothing Bow Tie on Sabir Peele of Men's Style Pro

Photography by Michael Anthony Flores Photography.

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