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Style Tip: Complementing Your Leathers

Style Tip: Complementing Your Leathers

88 RUE DU RHONE watch x Johnston & Murphy Boots

As you start to lock down your style essentials, you’ll want to understand how to complement the leather items in your wardrobe. Most guys tend to think that your leathers have to be the exact same color to look good together, but, that’s just not true. One thing that you’ll need to understand is that you leathers can be in the same color family and complement each other very well. The key word here is “Complement”. This post features a pair of oxblood wingtip boots by Johnston & Murphy and a chestnut brown, leather strap 35 mm Chronograph Watch by 88 RUE DU RHONE. 

During the fall, many of the leathers on the market are in deep, warmer colors like chestnut, oxblood and tan. You notice that the boots in this feature have red tones that are much warmer than the deep red of the watch. If you are wondering why this leather pairing works together, I’ll give you a few hints:

How To Complement Your Leathers:

  • Distance is key! You don’t have to wear a pair of oxblood leather boots and a pair of oxblood leather pants for style symmetry. There’s enough distance between your watch and your boots that when they both fall into the same color family, they’ll complement each other well. 
  •  Most leather boots have metal embellishments that come in silver or gold (see below).As you can see is this feature, the watch has a highly polished gold body that complements the antiqued gold lace hooking on the boots. 
  • When pairing this particular watch with these boots, it was clear that the leather watch straps have red undertones throughout the chestnut brown coloring. These red tones are accentuated when the boots and watch are close together. 
  • White face watch pair well with just about everything. They’re clean, classic and easy to match. 
  • Avoid extreme contrasting of your leather pieces. Rocking a chestnut brown watch and a tan belt is an eye sore. 

88 Rue du Rhone Chronography Watch x Johnston & Murphy Wingtip Oxblood Boots

88 Rue du Rhone Chronography 35mm watch


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