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Degs & Sal Bracelets

You’ve become a #menswear enthusiast. Dub monks, working on your “steez” and unlined tweed patch pocket blazers have become important to you. One thing that you’ve been looking to perfect is how to rock wrist man jewelry like all the Italian cats you’ve seen on Tumblr crushing the wall at Pitti Uomo (yeah, I saw these dudes in person and they pull it off flawlessly). 

To be completely honest, there are only a few “rules” that you’ll need to follow to pull of the bracelet look without going overboard. Below are two looks to give you an idea of what may or may not work for you when rocking bracelets. All three bracelets in the feature are from Degs & Sal, a New York based, handmade jewelry maker.

Style Tips for Rockin Man Bracelet:

  • Avoid crazy amounts of bracelets on one arm. Overstacking is what the young guys get wrong immediately. If your bracelets are stacked to the middle of your forearm, you’ve lost this style battle.
  • Optional: You should only wear bracelets on the hand that you don’t write with. 
  • Bracelets complement your watch well, so pair them together accordingly.
  • Size Matters! If your watch is on the chunky side, you’ll have the option of rocking a thicker bracelets and smaller beaded bracelets.
  • Conversely, if your watch is thin, stick to thinner bracelets to complement it. You don’t want to overpower your thin watch with some monstrous beads.
  • Solid metal bracelets look the best as a solo piece, so wear that bracelet on your free hand (non-watch hand). Think railroad spike.
  • For the style novice, save the bracelets for casual wear. Once you feel like you’ve got the cojonoes to pull of the suit and bracelet look, the force is officially with you my son!

Weekend Adult Sportswear

Sabir of Men's Style Pro Wearing Frank & Oak Jacket

Red Cotton Jacket by Frank & Oak | White Alpha Khakis by Dockers | Custom Blue Plaid Shirt by JJ Threads 

Degs & Sal Blue Stone Skull BraceletBlue Stone Skull Bracelet by Degs and Sal (available online) | Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch

Sabir Peele in Frank & Oak Jacket

JD Fisk Blue Suede Tassel LoafersJD Fisk Veiko Blue Suede Tassel Loafers |

Military Inspired

Degs & Sal Red Leather Skull Bracelet + Two Faced Beaded BraceletGreen Cargos Todd Snyder x Gap Collaboration | Suede Double Monk Strap by V.Artigiano |

Jfold Roadster BackpackTan Backpack by JFold | Derek Cardigan Frames via

Degs & Sal BraceletsSilver Mesh Band Watch by Timex

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sabir of men's style pro wearing degs & sal bracelets 

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Photography: Marina T. Peele (@CantWinkLefty)




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