Going Donegal This Fall

Plaid Wool tie by TheKnottery.com | Gingham Shirt by H&M

This fall, it is (almost) necessary that you add a grey Donegal Tweed suit to your wardrobe. If you have ventured onto GQ.com recently or picked up the magazine, you may have noticed the spread featuring James Marsden sporting a variety of tweed suits and one specifically in the donegal pattern. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what this particular pattern, “donegal” is a tweed (wool) that is speckled. When you sport this pattern in grey it will remind you of a fuzzy television.

Reasons to go for a Grey Donegal Suit this fall:

  • The wool that donegal is made from is most appropriate for cooler temperatures because of its heavier weight than your average wool suit
  • Going with grey will give you the option of pairing your looks with black or brown shoes
  • This type of suit works great as separates (check out this blazer from an earlier post —> Donegal Blazer)
  • You will definitely stand out in a crowd of guys that will be bundled up in early fall, while you can just throw on a scarf and be about your day (no additional outwear needed)
  • Pair your suit with other texture pieces (wool ties, pattern shirt) and you will show a bit of depth with your look. Plus, the donegal pattern plays well off of like fabrics.
Donegal 3 Piece Suit by H&M
Afternoon stroll
Vintage Gold Feather Lapel Pin || Pocket Square by ArmstrongandWilson.com
Socks by J.Crew || Wingtips by Aldo || Rose Gold Skeleton Watch by Alias Kim

Stick Your Neck Out

Captoe Lace Ups by Aldo

Break up your suit with a fine gauge turtle neck sweater this season. When pairing with a suit, its best to go with a fitted, fine gauge turtleneck sweater because you want your look to remain tailored even though you are not wearing a collared shirt and tie. Remember, the neck of your sweater should fit “snuggly”. This look is great for early fall because you will be warm enough to head straight out of the house in the morning and enjoy a full day of activities, while remaining “dressed” up enough for the office or heading to dinner after work.

Reason to add a Turtleneck Sweater to your Donegal Suit:

  • A turtleneck sweater shows a bit of confidence in your day-to-day swagger
  • The turtleneck sweater and donegal suit really are quintessential staples for the fall/winter season
  • For those days that a shirt and tie are just out of the question, but you still want to look polished
  • Why the hell not!
Cashmere/Wool Turtleneck Fine Gauge Sweater by Lands End Canvas || Donegal Waist Coat & Trousers by H&M || Black on Black Watch by Armitron


Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele

Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director of Men's Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the "5 Best Dressed Men In America" by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as #GQFall 2013 Best Dressed Man. As of 2014, Sabir serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ Magazine & GQ Report. Outside of that partnership, Sabir serves as an independent brand consultant as well. Reach me directly at SABIR@MENSSTYLEPRO.COM

  • Justin

    Damn you are so fine! I mean. The clothes are nice…but you are some serious eye candy.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks for the compliment and for checking out Men’s Style Pro.



  • barneyabishop

    Once again, a solid post, sir. It makes a great case for grabbing a tweed suit this season.

    • Hi Barney,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, its definitely a great idea to grab a tweed suit this season. They are just so versatile.



  • killed, as always.

  • What kind of boutonniere is that?

    • Hi Aniruddha,

      The pin on my lapel is a vintage, gold Feather.



      • Looks nice…something different… Where can I get one of those…
        I landed on this site today and loving it…

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  • ramsay

    As a true gentleman should dress! The textures, the patterns, the colors!!! Nasty!!
    Elegance is back on the map! As Mick Swagger said, you killed it. You should have taken these pics on the steps at the Philly Museum of Art ala Rocky Balboa!!! Complete style TKO bro.

    • Hey Ramsay,

      As always, thanks for stopping in. I do what I can to stay fresh and do it consistently. Check out my homie Wale at Less Gentlemen and read his “Learn to Become Legend” post. He stays dapper as well, plus he runs up the Art Museum step, ala Rocky. Trying to keep Philly dapper on the daily we are.



      • ramsay


        What a coincidence….right after I posted these comments I did go to Wales site and noticed him running the steps!! I think Philly is the new Italy because between you and Wale (as well as other Philly dapper dons), you guys are always on point and dressed impeccably. This site and also Wales are ones that I visit daily. I need to make a trip to Philly and give you two a call!

        Best regards,


  • Lance F.

    Hey Sabir, What size are you wearing in the Land’s End Canvas turtle neck? From what I remember, we are similiar in size and I’ve been contemplating that exact turtle neck.


    • Hi Lance,

      The turtleneck sweater is a medium.



  • amazing style!

    • Hi Carlo,

      Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words.



  • Gabe

    Sabir – did you have your Donegal blazer tailored in any way or was that off the rack?

    • Hi Gabe,

      The only tailoring is a hem and taking in the waist on my pants. Most 38 Blazer fit me off the rack because I have broad shoulders.



  • F.Hoti

    Hey Sabir ,

    Trashness.com reblogged your article !

  • I think what really makes this outfit outstanding is the gingham shirt. I mean, the 3 piece suit is awesome (even though I don`t shop at H&M – this things just do not fit me off the rack), but the shirt really makes this look complete all the way…

    I also love the turtleneck…personally, I love to wear them with my fitted Cavalli leather blazers…it just makes you look so much more sofisticated and cool….and I mean Superfly cool…and it keeps you warm too…a winner for fall & winter…

    Anyway, you`re a great dresser, brother…

    Jaka (from Slovenia)

  • AnonymousJay



    I would have never guessed. I definitely need to pay them a visit next time I’m on that side of town.

  • Mario

    Great stuff! Glad I found your site. Extremely helpful and well thought out posts! Thanks again Sabir! Sending you some West Coast props!

  • Adrian

    Is H&M still selling this suit this season? I cannot seem to find it on their online catalog. I hope it’s still in the stores cuz I’d be keen to check them out.

    • Hi Adrian,

      You can probably pick it up in store eventhough its not online.

      – Sabir

  • I absolutely love your style. I am very passionate about styling and fashion and believe every man on this earth should have the same style as you, not only would it make them look smart and presentable but it would also make them look attractive and sophisticated. Bravo!!!…

    • Hi Lauretta,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I try my best to display my style in as honest of a sense as possible. It great to be able to share my passion for men’s style with people worldwide.



  • rotimi

    man, u defined the word gentleman with your style. we have similar taste with well tailored suits.people around me dont understand my love for bright colors so they dnt have the courage to pull certain bright colors and rock it out the right way.quick question, i have a cream colored turtle neck sweater and a black velvet blazer am planning on wearing for an upcoming xmas banquet. do u think i should tuck the turtle neck sweater in my pants, or let it free over the pants. btw, they are black pants.

    • Good afternoon Rotimi,

      Thanks for the kind words. In regard to your question about tucking your turtleneck sweater, I would say that it’s a must in this situation. Hopefully, your turtleneck sweater is a bit on the fine gauge side. Hopefully, the cream color isn’t too jarring against the black velvet blazer. A charcoal/grey or burgundy turtleneck sweater are also great options for your look.



  • lucie

    Where can we purchase this suit from now? I don’t believe there are any in H and M any more please help!

    • Hi Lucie,

      You may need to look in-store at places like H&M and J.Crew. Since most stores have made their transition to spring some of the winter suits are on sale. Good Luck!

      – Sabir

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  • steve

    Hi Sabir, I stumbled upon this page when googling “grey tweed suit” I like your style but was wondering if I could pull it off with a bow tie with the same plaid pattern and these boots from kenneth Cole New York
    They’re called “By The Way” boots in Brown. Thanks again.

    • Hi Steve,

      I feel as though the vertical seams are not flattering to pair with the out you’ve mentioned. A plain toe, Chelsea type boot might be best if you want to pull off that look.



  • Furious Styles

    Greetings from Dappered.com! Love the post; I was in H&M this weekend and saw that same suit. The jackets sold out very quickly, so I couldn’t see it in person. The vest, however, was a different Donegal weave. Do you know if the 3-piece shown here is still available?

    • Hi Furious Styles,

      Thanks for dropping in. I don’t believe that the same exact vest i have is in this year. The one I got was from last years design. It’s nice to see the support from Dappered.com readers.



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