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Fall Into Khaki

Fall Into Khaki

Indian summer is upon us. With the warmer temperatures that have taken over the month of October, men everywhere should take advantage of and extend our summer/spring wardrobes by mixing some of those familiar pieces into our fall style. One of my favorite warmer weather pieces is a khaki suit. When September hits, most guys stash that trusty khaki suit away until the next 65 degree spring day. Get the most of your khaki suit this fall by adding layers and pieces made from heavier/warmer fabrics (like wool, cashmere and or denim).  Here are a few ideas of ways to take that khaki suit (Mine by Sons of Intrigue) for a ride this fall.  

Fully Suited:

Khaki Peak Lapel Suit by Sons of Intrigue | Contrast Collar Rugby by American Apparel | Loafers by Breather Wright | Shades by AJ Morgan

Don’t be afraid to rock the full khaki suit this fall. Try a hearty layered look by switching up from your normal pastel shirts of the summer and spring and  add a rugby shirt with a button down collar shirt underneath. This particular look gives you some great options for keeping your self warm or cool depending on the time of day. Sons of Intrigue added some great details to this blazer with working surgeon cuffs, red felt under collar and a great lining that will definitely play off of each other well by adding a rugby shirt with some complementary colors.

Fall Style Tip:

  • When layering under your blazer, make sure your rugby shirt or sweater is relatively thin so that you can be comfortable
  • Pop your collar wisely. Some people will slay you with their eyes at the sight of it. However, in the fall when the wind starts to kick up you will be happy to have that collar popped.
  • Keep the shoes in the brown family (in leather or suede). Khaki and brown go hand in hand in the fall.

Sweater Weather

Toggle Sweater & Trench by H&M | Orange Plaid Button Down Shirt by GAP | Trousers from Sons of Intrigue Khaki Suit | Brown Wingtips by Aldo

Ditch the blazer and grab a chunky cardigan. Khakis and a cardigan will always be in style for the fall. However; don’t go with your typical button up cardigan, make the move to the toggle cardigan with rope fastening for some added details. There are things that truly scream fall as a combination pieces or a solo item. A plaid shirt is the piece that you will want to add to this cardigan look to complete your fall style with those summer khaki suit trousers.

Style Tip:

  • Earth tone plaid shirt work best with khaki trousers
  • Don’t feel the need to go crazy looking for a toggle cardigan. A traditional button up cardigan works great too. In either case, make sure your cardigan fits snuggly to your body.
  • Give your brown shoes a great shine this fall. Your khaki will act as a blank canvas because of their color. A nicely polished shoe will stand out in the right way against those pants.
  • Add an unlined navy blue trench coat to this layered look for added warmth and depth of color.
Bracelets by Aldo | Skeleton Rose Gold Watch by Alias Kim
Trenching It

Denim Days

Khaki Peak Lapel Blazer from Sons of Intrigue Suit | Denim by Levi's 521

This is the look that most guys tend to struggle with. When adding a blazer with denim, grab a khaki blazer. The denim and khaki fabrics complement each other well because they are both textured. Since the khaki blazer lacks the sheen you often get with blazers made from other fabrics, the look is not overwhelming to the eye. A tailored waist in your blazer is key to this look. You run the risk of looking “half-assed” if you just throw on any old blazer with your jeans without taking into consideration that the fit should still be tailored.

Fall Style Tip:

  • Keep your denim dark in the fall. You appear more polished and since the day light is shorter you will be ready for a night out on the town without worrying about changing into a pair of dress slacks.
  • Grab a few pair of wool socks with a punch in neutral/earth-tones
  • Make sure that your denim is a slimmer fit to complement your tailored khaki blazer
Silk Knit Tie by The Knottery | Cashmere & Wool Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson | Gingham Shirt & Wool Sweater by H&M | Wool Fair Isle Socks by Zara |
Shades by AJ Morgan



Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele

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