MSP Endorses: The New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered

Prepare to be the flyest outdoorsman of the year!


New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered 1

Trailbuster Re-Engineered $109 


You might never find yourself on a trail, running through the woods — but, we may have found the sneakers that can bridge the style gap from the urban jungle to the forest. The Trailbuster Re-Engineer in the Pumpkin with Chromatic Yellow & Cyan color can be touted as one of New Balances most stylish, yet, most underrated sneakers of the year. As the sneaker sits on my desk, here are a few reasons that I’m all-in about these kicks:

  • The earth-tone colorway is extremely universal and the colors work with a variety of spring menswear look
  • With a sleek silhouette similar to their 574style (peep their Weekend Expedition), it can be worn trail running or with your favorite wheat colored khaki suit (think of any Italian-streetwear god)
  • They’re a departure from the granola looking trail/hiking sneakers
  • For the sneakerhead, this is the technical shoe that they can get behind. This is a mix media sneaker using suede, mesh and a technology called FantomFit that uses a seamless (unsewn) overlay to create a look unlike any other
  • It can really take a beating and attack a trail run. It’s a true dual-purpose sneaker
Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director of Men's Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the "5 Best Dressed Men In America" by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as #GQFall 2013 Best Dressed Man. As of 2014, Sabir serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ Magazine & GQ Report. Outside of that partnership, Sabir serves as an independent brand consultant as well. Reach me directly at SABIR@MENSSTYLEPRO.COM

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