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Greats x Loro Piana All-Weather Wool Collection in Navy


Hydrophobic Kicks Ready To Stunt On The Rainy Season

(crafted w/ wool from the gods at Loro Piana)

It’s most fitting that today, while it’s monsooning here on the east coast, I bring you the grail of hydrophobic sneakers. Brooklyn-based footwear brand Greats partnered with one of the most revered fabric mills in the world, Loro Piana, to launch their All-Weather Wool   Men’s Collection.

As a fan and wearer of the Italian-made sneakers from Greats (I have three pairs of the Pronto runner style kicks) and a menswear nerd, I knew not sharing this collaboration would be a damn tragedy. The collaboration consists of two colorways, cadet navy & camel. But, the navy colorway is the standout for three reasons:

  • They’re hydrophobic wool! It’s like wearing a technical suit on your feet. 
  • The navy colorway is the perfect intro color for anyone interested in wearing sneakers with a suit to the office
  • With prices ranging from $240-$280, you can actually afford Loro Piana fabric without destroying your wallet. For example, I have a silk Loro Piana suit that cost over $2k


Greats x Loro Piana Storm System Collection in Navyshop button$280 – Cadet Navy Pronto Sneaker

Greats x Loro Piana Storm System Collection in Navy


shop button $260 – Royale High Cadet NavyGreats x Loro Piana Storm System Collection in Navy


shop button$240 – Royale Low Cadet Navy










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