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Project Show NY (Day 1): Top Three Bags

Project Show NY (Day 1): Top Three Bags

Project NY Bags via Men's Style Pro

This year I’m one of the featured bloggers participating in the #BloggerProject for the tradeshow, Project Show (NY & Las Vegas). If you’re not familiar Project Show is a bi-annual trade (US) where clothing/accessories brands present their next session’s collection in the hopes to attract new buyers and press. Project Show created the Blogger Project to connect influential bloggers with brands during the 3 day event to foster relationships and create content.

On day one, I made it my mission to find my three favorite bags from the entire show. The brands that stood out to me were Troubadour, Ro and Will Leather Goods. Take a look at the bags below and let me know your favorite.

Will Leather Goods Project NY 2015Brand: Will Leather Goods

Bag Name & Style: Oaxacan Wool Rug Series Leather Duffel

Specs: 22″ x 13.5 x 9.25 

Why I chose this bag: Outside of it being a functional duffel bag, the Oaxacan series of features Eco-friendly wools rugs. More than being a bag, this duffel will definitely become an heirloom piece.

Troubadour Barrel Bag

Brand: Troubadour Goods Limited

Bag Name & Style: Barrel Bag

Specs: Materials in Rubber, Leather & Open weave Nylon

Why I chose this bag: Troubadour promotes this bag as a weekender/gym bag. Functionally, the single strap is ideal for bike riders to be worn across the body. The barrel shape is reminiscent of the the military duffel, so that familiarity is attractive, however; the use of rubber as a main material is sexy addition/surprise.

Troubadour G Harris Surplus

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Brand: Ro Bags

Bag Name & Style: Harris G Surplus

Specs: Leather on leather

Why I chose this bag: It’s a struggle to find a work-style tote that doesn’t resemble a beach bag and is actually functional. Ro’s Harris G Surplus isn’t oversized, there’s ample space for my laptop, phone and magazines. This bag is also offered in a canvas option in a variety of colors. And, if you’re the kind of guy that needs to carry a bag on the regular for all of your “things”, this one doesn’t give off the murse vibe. 



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