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An Unaltered Review: The Off The Rack E-Clothier Combatant Gentlemen

An Unaltered Review: The Off The Rack E-Clothier Combatant Gentlemen

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

This post is part brand/product review and part how-to amp up your office style with a buttoned down shirt & one suit. Recently, there’s been a ton of buzz around the internet for the menswear e-commerce brand, Combatant Gentlemen. Set out to change the rules of what has become a pricey menswear market, Combatant Gent is making tailored menswear affordable for every guy. I’ve decided to tackle the brand head on and for this post and I’ve done it with minimal tailoring.

 Plaid On Plaid

Combatant Gentlemen Review on Men's Style Pro

Glen Plaid Three Piece Grey Suit & Blue Plaid Flannel ShirtCombatant Gentlemen | Green Knit Tie – | Tie Bar – Frank & Oak | Brown Double Monk Strap Shoes – | Vintage Gold Collar Pin

Combatant Gent is an off-the-rack menswear e-commerce brand. Specializing in suiting (including tuxedo) and shirts, Combat Gent (for short) prices range from $120-$220 & $30-$40, respectively. At this price point, the brand is perfect for;

  • The guy that just graduated from college and needs their first “real” world suit and is kind of broke
  • Any guy looking for an amazing fitting shirt for under $50
  • The guy that wants to own a tuxedo, so they can (and should) stop renting (or for that special day) 

Why I decided To Shoot This Suit Without Any* Alterations

Most off-the-rack suits that I wear and feature on Men’s Style Pro have been tailored before being shot. That means, I take the suit to my tailor and typically have them tapered the legs and/or have the torso of the jacket taken in. Not all pieces have to be custom or made-to-measure to be made to fit you. The key to remember is that if you can find a suit jacket that fits well in the shoulders, a tailor can alter the rest of the suit. When you purchase a suit or tuxedo from Combat Gent, the pants always come unhemmed (measuring a 36 inch inseam). *This was the one alteration that has been done to this suit.

Suit Specs

  • Slim Fit Grey Glen Plaid Three-Piece Suit
  • 100% Italian Super 140 Wool
  • Ticket Pocket
  • Fully Lined
  • Double Vent Jacket

Suit Fits

Combat Gent offers two fits; Modern & Slim. The modern fit is made for the guy with a more athletic build (broader and more muscular). Whereas, the slim fit is a bit more tailored. 

My Suit (The Review)

Combatant Gent notes that their slim suit is a true slim suit, so you should size up to get the best fit. This suit is a 40 S. Typically, I’m at size 38 off-the-rack — so that will give you a frame of reference. I went with a 40 S because I wasn’t 100% sure how long the sleeves would be on the jacket and I didn’t want to have the shortened. In my opinion, it’s easier to have a jacket lengthen.


  • The fabric is spectacular. The bounce back was much better than expected (when balled up). Cheap fabrics stay wrinkled after being ball up and that wasn’t the case here
  • The jacket fits my torso and shoulder damn well
  • The price is very affordable. This three-piece, super 140’s wool suit is $220
  • Since this is an off-the-rack suit, the wait to receive it after purchase is just a few days
  • Shirts: Their slim fit shirt is a true slim fit! The torso is well tapered to my body and would never need alterations


  • I wish there was a tailored fit in regard to suiting. The slim fit, more specific pants, should be a bit more tapered. A tailored fit option could be the slimmer choice
  • More variety in suit fabrics

To Make This Suit Perfect

  • I’ll have the pant legs tapered from just above the knee, down through the cuffs just about a half-inch
  • The sleeves of the jacket have an inch of fabric to play around with, so I’ll have them let down a half-inch
  • I’ll probably have the waist taken in slightly.

Total costs of alteration = $60. Bringing the total cost of the suit, plus alteration to $280. That cost is still under what I’ve paid for any custom or made-to-measure suit.

Overall Brand Grade

Combatant Gentlemen is deserving of an A. Based upon;

  • Great Price (especially for a full suit)
  • Solid Product
  • Great Custom Service
  • Fit of their shirts

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

Stripes On Plaid

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

Red Striped Buttoned Down Shirt & Glen Plaid Suit – Combatant Gentlemen | Striped Knit Tie – The Knottery | Pocket Square – Bo Concepts 

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Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

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Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

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Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

Combatant Gent Suit Review - Men's Style Pro

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