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Slim Down Your Wallet…Upgrade To A Card Case

Slim Down Your Wallet…Upgrade To A Card Case

Men's Card Cases

It’s time to ditch the George Costanza, over stuffed, bulking wallet and upgrade to something slimmer. In all reality, the average person only needs to carry 3 to 5 cards in their wallets, plus a little cash (since we all swiped that debit card) – so there’s no need for a huge wallet in your pocket. 

Show your back pocket some love and upgrade to a card case. I’ve used card cases primarily for the last 3 years and I can’t see going back to a regular wallet. Some designers have added a money clip to the back of their card cases, so you can keep a few dollars on hand with your plastic. 

Below, I’ve curated a collection of 15 card cases that caught my eye and may hopefully find a way into your pocket. The best feature of a card case is that it’s slim enough to store in your front pocket. Now you can ward off pickpockets and give your right butt-check a break. 

See a card case you like? Click on it! Find more in the MSP Shop (search “Card Case” on the shop homepage) 

Card Cases By Row

Row 1: Jack Spade $118.40 | Tod’s (Out Of Stock) | Würkin Stiff $59.50 | Emporio Armani $57.36 | Balenciaga $155

Row 2: Rag & Bone $95.00 | Botega Veneta $250 | Paul Smith “Naked Lady” $200 | Boconi $78 

Row 3: Jack Spade $48 | WANT Les Essentials de la Vie $125 | Salvatore Ferragamo $172.08 | 3.1 Phillip Lim $125 

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Row 4: Dolce & Gabbana $113.65 | Paul Smith $140.16



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