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Beach Style | Trunks & Sand

Beach Style | Trunks & Sand

Men's Summer 2013 Swim Trunks

Green Nautical Trunks by PASTE | Far Right: Blue & Orange Sunburst Trunks by H&M

The month of July is synonymous with two things: Independence Day & The Beach (which overlap for many of us). Over the years as an avid beach goer, there has been a noticeable shift for the calf length, random beer company branded swim trunk sto a more tailored and properly proportioned swim suit. Gone are the days where guys are afraid to step outside of their basketball short wearing comfort zone and now we see the emergence to the stylish beach dude.

(Disclaimer Alert) Before we get deep into telling you what’s right or wrong when it comes to swimwear, remember that the style and fit that you choose are based on your personal preference.

That being said, a new rule of them that we’ve tried to illustrate in the past is that “Thy Trunks Shall Not Go Past Thine Knees“. Obviously we’re not all built like Olympic swimmers, however; there is a bit of logic to wearing your trunks just about your knees. The logic is that you’ll actually be able to swim! Long shorts restrict movement at your knees, unless you’re wearing extremely baggy trunks (and that really defeat the purpose of swimwear). 

Trends That You Can Work With

This summer there will be ton of brands releasing trunks in bold colors, wild patterns and retro styles. In regards to crazy patterns, you’ll need to decide what kind of pattern really works for you and how much is too much for you. In the first look below, the trunks hit two trends on the head with a floral pattern and bold colors. If this appeals to your style you should consider going with a shorter trunk because it will essentially be a less material to overwhelm an passers-by. When heavy patterns are seen printed on long trunks it can be too much to abrasive. 

Board shorts will never go out of style. What’s making a big comeback is the retro style board short that sits about 2 inches above the knee. There are tons of brands that have caught onto the retro board short trend with solid version, but, a striped  pair will set you a part from the crowd. Board shorts are square-cut like a pair of chino shorts, so they can play double duty like a traditional pair of shorts. Seen below, we’ve paired the board short with a short-sleeve button up shirt. Think of this as a casual beach look that you can wear to a beach bar. 

When in doubt, it’s always safe to stick to solid color trunks. This summer reach for “dusty” colors like pale pink, blue & green. Dusty colors as similar to pastels with their soft palette, but, they look a bit more worn in/retro. You’ve probably worn black trunks all your life, so this will be a welcome change.

1.Bold Pattern & Colors

Vilbrequin Men's Trunks

Swim Trunk by Vilebrequin via Gilt City Philly Visit | Joseph Marc Aviator Sunglasses via | Straw hat by H&M

Vilbrequin Floral Trunks

2. Retro Striped Board Short

Penguin Original Retro Board ShortsOriginal Penguin Retro Board Shorts via Kembrel (available online) | Shirt by H&M | Watch by Sperry Topsider

Original Penguin Swim Trunks

Original Penguin Swim Trunks

3. Solid & Bold
H&M Solid Pink Swim TrunksPink Trunks & Striped Tank by H&M | Flip Flops via Old Navy

H&M Swim Trunks

Blonde Tortoise Wayfarer by Ray-ban via

Photography: Marina T. Peele @CantWinkLefty

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