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Beach Essentials: The Ultimate Man’s Beach Bag

Beach Essentials: The Ultimate Man’s Beach Bag

Navali Rigger Rucksack

Hopefully, you read our last “beachy” post, so now you have your trunks, flip-flops & tanks and you’re ready to hit the beach. Unfortunately, you realize that you want to bring a beach towel, magazine, a few beers and your sunblock along too. Instead of trying to commandeer your significant other’s beach tote, it’s time to get a manly-er bag for yourself. A few months ago, we featured the Navali Rigger Rucksack in our relaunch giveaway and we haven’t put it down since. 

Navali’s brand is rooted in nautical style & living, so it really not out of place to take to the rigger rucksack to the beach! After speaking with their brand manager, it was clear that the rucksack isn’t just for the beach, but, it’s for the any guy to use as a laptop-sized backpack (see 15 inch laptop compartment). That being said, here are some other reason to consider the Rigger Rucksack as your ultimate beach bag:

The Rigger Rucksack & You

  •  The neutral coloring has that beachy/camp-like appeal that most guys are keen on.
  • The bottom of this backpack is leather, which is essential for keeping sand out!
  • Being that it is a backpack, if you’re rocking it you’ll have free hands to carry your beach chair.
  • With the insane amount of compartments, you can really pack enough stuff to be able live out of your bag.
  • It’s overall size is just right. Not too cumbersome or puny.
  • The bag is canvas. If it gets wet, it will dry rather quickly.
  • The material is super light, so you won’t feel like you carrying a sack of bricks (unless you’re carry a sack of bricks).

Navali Rigger Rucksack


Navali Rigger rucksack


Navali Rigger Rucksack

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