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As a kid, I harbored a deep sense of fear & anxiety each time I had to wear the Hawaiian floral printed shirts that my grandmother would buy for me. Not only did she buy me the Hawaiian shirts, but, she’d cop the matching shorts too. It’s funny how as an adult some of the things that were seemingly wack-as-hell as a kid, are really dope today. Even though Hawaiian prints are on trend for guys, that doesn’t mean you should just rock them without some guidance. Below are some helpful tips for styling this print without going overboard (and hopefully without producing anxiety). 

Men's Style Pro in Newport Poplin Mengenta Floral Shirt

Newport Poplin Mengenta Hawaiian Floral Print Shirt – Bonobos | Navy Cord Shorts – Gap | Striped Espadrilles – Asos | Straw Hat – H&M | Gold Watch – Peugeot 

How To Rock The Hawaiian Floral Shirt

  • Base Color | Finding a shirt with enough, solid, base color real estate is going to be the determining factor to whether the shirt will work for you. For the novice, a solid blue base (in sky or navy) may be your jumping off point. 
  • Scale Of Pattern & Spacing | As with the floral board short, your pattern with need some room to breathe. Large patterns with ample spacing get the point across and will result in less overcrowding. Everything’s better in moderation.
  • Simplify Your Bottom Half | Opt for a neutral pair of shorts in navy or white (this will be determined by the base color of your shirt). The same notion will work for pants, however; it’s safer to pair your floral shirt with a navy pant (fits with the tropical/nautical style motif)
  • Experiment With Accessories | You’ve already dipped your toe in the “look at me” style pool with the shirt, so add a few complementary (yet simple) accessories  to the look to pull it all together. For example, a plain straw Panama hat says, “Yeah, I feeling damn tropical today”, but, doesn’t scream “I’M TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A TOURIST”. 
  • The Fit | Always opt for a more tailored fit. No matter what size you may be, a tailored fit will always give your shirt a more modern look. Tailored-fit doesn’t always equal slim-fit. If you find a shirt you like, but, there’s a little room in the torso, take it to tailor and have that nipped for $20. 

Men's style Pro in Newport Poplin Mengenta Floral Shirt

Men's style Pro in Newport Poplin Mengenta Floral Shirt

Men's style Pro in Newport Poplin Mengenta Floral Shirt

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Photo Credit | Marina T. Peele @Cantwinklefty

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