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Brands To Watch: Cobbler Union Shoes

Brands To Watch: Cobbler Union Shoes

Cobbler Union Shoes on Men's Style Pro Review

Cobbler Union Shoes on Men's Style Pro Review

Creating a bespoke-inspired, ready-to-wear footwear brand is something of a tall-order. Cobbler Union is the brand-name and creating footwear that truly pays homage to the skilled cobblers of old and today, plus offering guys luxury-quality shoes at half the price of their competitors is their game. As a bespoke-inspired brand, each collection is made in limited runs. Each shoe is hand-crafted by a small group of cobblers to make sure every detail is properly executed. 

The shoes are made in Spain, which is where one of the co-founders resides (the other is in Atlanta, Georgia). Being in such close proximity to where the shoes are produced, Cobbler Union has the ability to oversee the entire process. I was recently in Atlanta and had the opportunity to meet up with the Head of Marketing for Cobbler Union, Stephen Beehler. After hearing the way Stephen spoke about the shoes, the brand and the heritage of what the founders draw their inspiration, there was no way I couldn’t share the brand with everyone. Just from viewing the collection online (which is where they’re shoes are solid primarily) I’m honestly floored at the high level of craftmanship. I’ve put in my first order and the Guillaume II boots should be arriving soon– I’ll post a full run-down on next week. 

Without going into too many technical details, my favorite feature of many of their shoes is the Fiddleback Waist on the Sole (see middle pair of shoes in the picture above or click here). If you were looking about the best way to describe their shoes, think of each pair as art that you can wear on your feet. If you get the itch to flex your creative muscle, Cobbler Union offers Made-To-Order shoes too (you could create your own collections). Below are my three favorite pair, but, be sure to head to the Cobbler Union site to see the full collection. 

Guillaume II

guillaume II Cobbler Union Captoe Boots On Men's Style Pro review

Jean Pierre II

jean pierre II Cobbler Union Oxfords Shoes Men's Style Pro Review

The Chukka III

The Chukka III - Cobbler Union - Men's Style Pro Review

Visit to check out the amazing collection and to learn more about this passionate brand. 

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