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The Traveler Timepiece : Seiko Astron Elite Watch

The Traveler Timepiece : Seiko Astron Elite Watch

#AstronElite, Seiko Astron Elite Watch, Men's Style Pro
Disclosure: I wore the Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #AstronElite. All opinions are my own.

Over the last two months, I’ve picked up a heavy travel schedule with my duties with GQ as a style ambassador. From co-hosting the Simon Lookbook Live all over the country or executive styling at Bloomingdales or Lord & Taylor events. Needless to say, losing track of what day or time it is has been quite easy. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given this Seiko® Astron GPS Watch and it’s truly changed the way I travel. 

When asked what’s the one thing every guy should have, my number 1 (or two) response is a reliable watch. With everyone dependent on their smartphones for the time and date, but, always falling victim to the rapidly drained battery — there’s nothing better than looking down at your wrist and having all your answers right there. 

#AstronElite, Seiko Astron Elite Watch, Men's Style Pro

Astron GPS Solar Watch – Seiko® | Custom Navy Corduroy Suit – StudioSuits | Plaid Shirt – Twillory | Exhibit ‘A’ Tweed Dot Tie – Title Of Work | The Classic No.751 in Wine – Just A Men Shoe

I’ve manage to lose my smartphone charger twice during my travels, leaving me at the mercy of just using my watch to make sure I got to my flights and trains on time over the last few weeks. The Seiko Astron watch has kept me on track and has some amazing features that make it like no watch that I’ve worn to-date.

Seiko® Astron Standout Features

  • Charges using any form of light (sun, lamp, overhead)
  • Automatically adjusts to the current time zone. Once a day, when the battery is fully charge, the Astron connect to satellites that orbit the Earth and receive the date & time based on its position (and time zone)
  • The new Astron is sleeker and smaller. This is watches slimmer silhouette complements a tailored suit perfectly
  • Has a perpetual calendar set to run through February 2100

Without looking like a “smart-watch” the Seiko Astron is a true wearable. You’re not going to look like you’re trying to blast off into space with this on your wrist (but, you could probably wear it in space. That hasn’t been tested). As a watch enthusiast, adding this was to my collection was a no brainer.

#AstronElite, Seiko Astron Elite Watch, Men's Style Pro

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#AstronElite, Seiko Astron Elite Watch, Men's Style Pro

#AstronElite, Seiko Astron Elite Watch, Men's Style ProPhoto Credit: Quentin Washington @AvenueSwank



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