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Time For A Boating Weekend

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Summer is really starting to heat up and if you are a Northeast dweller, you crave those moments when you can head to the shore for a relaxing weekend. One thing that most people forget during the early days of summer is that the mornings and evenings can still be a bit chilly. So, if there one rule of thumb to live by when packing for the shore, “ALWAYS PACK A SWEAT SHIRT!”

Heading to the shore is one of the times you can really embrace nautical style without looking out-of-place (especially if you have a boat). The key colors and patterns to pull into your wardrobe to hit the high seas in style are navy, grey and white. Of course, a horizontal nautical stripe boating sweater will hit the mark every time, but, one of the most underrated style pieces that can up your look is a watch. 

Sperry Topsider recently released a timepiece with a navy stitched, white, silicone band and stainless steel case that is a great complement to your summer nautical style (part of their Drifter Collection). What we like most about this watch is that the design is super sleek, but, with the silicone band and tough metal face, it can take a beating. Since Father’s Day is approaching this watch is a great option as a gift, especially if you father likes to fish, is a golfer or just need a nice watch that he can beat up. You can grab this exact watch via Macy’s (it comes in navy too).

Tips on Summer Nautical Style

  • The nautical boating sweater can come in several styles, traditionally having three or 4 buttons along the shoulder. The style you choose is more of a personal preference than based in functionality.
  • Boat Shoes vs Sneakers: someone who really has their water wings would probably opt for a pair of boat shoes because they grip the wet surface of a boat’s deck, however; a pair of Jack Purcell style sneakers will suffice. 
  • Just because white pants are on trend, that doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon. You can keep the look classic with a pair of navy chinos or shorts. 
  • It’s always wise to carry a pair of sunglasses when your out boating. The reflects off the water and can really be damaging to your eyes. 

Sabir Of Men's Style Pro in Sperry Topsider Drifter Watch

Navy & Creme Crewneck Sweat Shirt by J.Crew | White Chinos by Bonobos

Sabir Of Men's Style Pro in Sperry Topsider Drifter Watch

Stainless Steel Military Style Watch by Sperry Topsider (available at Macy’s) | Canvas sneaker by Lands End Canvas

Sabir Of Men's Style Pro in Sperry Topsider Drifter Watch

Blonde Tortoise Sunglasses by Ray-ban via Coastal.com

And don’t be afraid to take this watch to the beach too!

Sabir wearing H&M Trunks, Navali backpack & Sperry Topside #TIMEFORSPERRY Drifter Watch

Swimwear by H&M | Drifter Watch by Sperry Topsider (available at Macy’s)| Navali Rigger Rucksack Bag

Photos by: Marina T. Peele (@CantWinklefty)



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  • Ryan

    Love that you call it the “shore” and not the beach – sign of a true Philly guy!

    • http://www.mensstylepro.com Sabir M Peele

      Hey Ryan,

      Yeah, I guess that is a Philly thing. Beach/shore, it’s all the same to me!

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  • http://thekacar.com theKacar

    H&M has stepped up it’s swimwear this year. Good post Sabir!

    • http://www.mensstylepro.com Sabir M Peele


      H&M is definitely a go-to if you need some solid swim wear on the cheap. It’s great to see the that they’ve up their quality over the years.



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    Enjoyed your site! :-)

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  • Jose M.

    What size is that sweater?

    • http://www.mensstylepro.com Sabir M Peele

      Hi Jose,

      This sweater is a medium.