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FEEDUSA + Target Fight Against Hunger

FEEDUSA + Target Fight Against Hunger

FEEDUSA + Target

Many people are surprised to hear that many families in the US are not able to provide enough meals for themselves on a regular basis. The hunger epidemic is something that FEED USA + Target are working extremely hard to fight and has come up with an amazing campaign to tackle this troubling issue.  

Starting June 30th, FEED USA + Target is releasing a limited collection of over 50 items in apparel, accessories, housewares (including two really stylish bikes) & stationery that will have the number of meals to be donated per item purchased. Lauren Bush Lauren, the co-founder of FEED Projects, co-designed the uber stylish collection with the intent to make it easy for anyone to be able to give back and help fight hunger in the US. 

Fighting hunger is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. As a young kid, I was on both sides of the hunger spectrum. While I was in middle school, I was able to volunteer at a few food banks in Philadelphia to help package food for families in need, as well as being able to bring food home for my family. Often people really want to figure out a way to give to charity but don’t feel like they can ever do enough. FEED USA will be utilizing their network of 200 food banks and 61,000 agencies across the country to make sure meals are getting to people in need. The FEED USA + Target campaign is by far the largest initiative of its kind, with the goal of providing 10 million meals for families in need and all it takes is a purchase of some cool stuff. 

Of course, here at Men’s Style Pro we believe that giving back and doing it in style is a plus! Below you will find my favorite items from the FEED USA + Target campaign that total 140 meals. Have fun shopping the campaign and thank you for helping to fight hunger in the US. 

Denim Utility Shirt 20m Messenger bag 24m

Denim Utility Shirt $25 = 20 Meals | Messenger Bag In Green $30 = 24 Meals

Henley In Grey 20 meals

Henley in Gray $25 = 20 meals | Tee in Red $15 = 12 meals | Tote in Denim $30 = 24 meals

stackable bracelets 12meals

Stackable Bracelet’s (Set of 3) $15 = 12 Meals

Medium Stoneware Pan

Medium Stoneware $20 = 16 meals

FeedProject Apron

Apron $16 = 12 Meals

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Keep up with the FEED USA + Target campaign via Twitter #FEEDUSA, @Target & @FEEDprojects.


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