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Pretty Fly For A Short Guy featuring Charles Bellinger

Pretty Fly For A Short Guy featuring Charles Bellinger

Pretty Fly for a short guy on Men's Style Pro

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Men’s Style Pro will often get a fair amount of emails asking advice on how to dress if you are a man of shorter stature. Taking your reader suggestion, this post will focus on style for the shorter fellows out there. For the sake of this post, shorter stature refers to any height below 5’7 (which itself is considered short compared to a lot of guys). Outfitting himself very well on a daily basis, my friend Charles “Chaz” Bellinger shows us how to put together some great looks, while standing 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Style Tips For Shorter Guys From Charles aka Chaz:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.
  • Solid bold color are your friend.
  • Select fabrics that contour to the shape of your body. As you can see from many of Chaz’s looks, his fabric choices are soft cottons and tweed. Think of them as your “Soft Fabrics”.(see looks 2 through 4).
  • When your fabrics contour to your body, they give you more definition which can make you appear taller.
  • Tailored clothes are your best option.
  • Wearing baggy clothes do not make you look bigger. Bigger/baggier clothes only make you look smaller and unkempt.
  • In terms of pants, go with a slight break. Trousers with no break will make your legs look shorter.
  • Get a tailor. This person will be able to take your off the rack piece and make them meet your “actual” measurements.
  • If it’s a financial possibility, invest in some custom pieces. They will fit to your exact measurements and will make you look your best. (See look #1)

You will see that a fair amount of Chaz’ pieces are vintage/thrifted. In particular, some of his blazers are from thrift shops and are made by some of the top brands in menswear (quality is key). Since Chaz saves about 90% off the original price when thrifting, he can put money into getting these pieces tailored. Generally, to get a blazer taken in at the waist, the price range is $50 to $65. Below are some examples of some looks that work well for Chaz and his shorter stature.

All Business

Custom Grey Suit by Indochino – Shirt & Pocket Square by Commonwealth Proper – Umbrella by Burberry

Vintage Gold Tie Bar – Vintage Glen Plaid Tie – Vintage Braces

Keepin’ It Casual

Blue Cotton Blazer by Zara

Vintage Gold Lucien Picard Wrist Watch – Grey Sweater by H&M – Pocket Square by Commonwealth Proper

Tapered Jeans by American Eagle

Camel leather drivers

Your Favorite Professor

Vintage Tweed Blazer by Ralph Lauren

Blue Shirt by H&M – Bowtie by Brooks Brothers – Pocket Square by Commonwealth Proper

Camel Boots by Hawkings McGill

All Cotton Everything

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Cotton Double Breasted Blazer by Sottotono via Daffy’s

Chino by American Eagle

Red gingham shirt by Uniqlo – Brown Knit Tie

Burgunydy Red Full Wingtips by R1901 – Socks by Mossimo via Target

Special  thanks to Charles Bellinger for participating.

Photography/Videography Credit : Sabir M. Peele




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