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Extra Ten Percent : The Tiny Details Part I

Extra Ten Percent : The Tiny Details Part I


French Cuff Striped Shirt by Harrods| Watch Band by J.Crew|Watch by Goer| Tie by Ketch| Blue and White Braided Bracelet by Aldo| Tie Bar by Geoffrey Beene

Everyday when getting dressed I personally like to add the little details to make my outfit stand out. Sometime people tend to go overboard with the amount of accessories they will add to a look and that is fine if that’s your thing. When going simple, I really just like to keep the colors of my accessories consistent with colors in my outfit.

Khaki, red and blue are colors that compliment each other well. When the colors are flat they will not over power each other and will look great with some small accessories like the red silk knots, tan and blue watch strap with a blue and white braided bracelet. This may all sound like a lot of pieces to add together, however; all the colors are consistent and uniform to the rest of the outfit.

Khakis by HM |Burgundy Leather Belt by Perry Ellis |Loafers by Johnston and Murphy


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A nice pair of khaki can look professional and still remain pretty relaxed when pair with a navy blazer for work. The key to any good pair of pants is having them tailored well. A few posts ago, I wrote about hemming a pair of pants for the first time on my own and these khakis are the pants that I was working on.  Something that is very important is to keep your pants pressed. If you put on your pants and they have wrinkles, pull out the iron and go to work (for cotton/chinos). The one detail that never goes out of style is well pressed clothing that is wrinkle free.

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  • As a mens custom stylist, and a woman, I can also agree that the details are what turns men’s fashion into a man’s style. I work with so many different men, some who have a clue and some who don’t. When I was in retail men were often quick to say they didn’t care or didn’t know what they liked. Then, I would purposely pull something I thought they would not like, based in the details of the garment. When they shook their heads no to it, I would tell them, “See? You do care, and you know what you DON’T like. So now my job is to help you find the details and a fit that make you feel the most comfortable being you.” Then, they were hooked. Things like buttons, cuff style, collars, thread color, linings… they all make an ensemble. Even with one peek at a lining, or one glimpse of a vintage button, can catch the eye and make an impression. I also believe in maximizing the wardrobe. I tell men to wear their tux jackets with jeans and a crisp white shirt. Break up a suit and wear patterned trousers with a v neck. Love what you buy and wear it well. If anyone is looking for a great way to customize his look, is looking for some classic but edgy formal attire, or wants to create his own line of denim (custom patch and all), then feel free to call me for an appointment to stop by my Rittenhouse Row showroom, Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors & Image Consultants is the company. I can do custom anything. Literally. And I work with all kinds of budgets. There’s no better way to embrace the details than to create them yourself. I truly enjoy working with men who have a flair for style and aren’t afraid of creating the details that make them feel, and look, like a million bucks.

  • I liked the little extra 10% touch of going without socks. It gives that little italian essence to the outfit, very fashion forward yet classic at the same time. Nice unexpected touch.

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