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Style Review: J.Fold 12′ Fall/Winter Wallets

Style Review: J.Fold 12′ Fall/Winter Wallets

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J.Fold is one of the first brands that I had the opportunity to work with directly after starting Men’s Style Pro a few years ago. I’ve always been impressed by their commitment to creating quality wallets, bags & leather accessories with a modern flare that most companies are afraid to venture into. Recently, while visiting the J.Fold showroom, I had the chance to preview the Fall/Winter 12′ line of wallets, Kindle Fire sleeves and belts (Now available at J.Fold Online). 

I find it quite impressive that J.Fold designer, Will Snyder, is able to create the amazingly functional wallets with such detail in terms of textures, colors, compact size. Even though these wallets have more pizzazz that your traditional brown or black leather wallets, they are perfect for any guy (plus they will give your money a stylish place to live). To date, I am the proud owner of three J.Fold wallets (including the Altrus Card holder and the clear cut Tan leather wallet). By clicking on the pictures, you will be linked over to my favorite piece from each line, however; if you want shop the full collection, click J.Fold.

Below are my favorites from the their line.

1. Tred Series:

2. The Clearcut Series

Supple grain leather. Very thin and high functional.

3. The Altrus Series

The card case is great to use as a wallet because it has an ID holder as well as a slot for 6 cards inside, a back slot for your cash and is very thin.

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  • I’ve had my Loungemaster Bi-Fold (black & purple) for about a year now and it still looks new. Their designs are works of art and get the looks every time you pull them out. I know I’ve led to more than a few men and women purchasing more of their products. When it comes to style, fit & finish, functionality, and price they are very hard to beat.

    I just discovered your site Sabir….congrats it’s very well done.
    I’ve added you to my daily checklist.

  • Leather wallets are a timeless accessory that both men and women can appreciate. With varying styles, colors and designs finding a great wallet to fit your needs or the tastes of someone else is much less complicated than you may think. If you take a few minutes to think about the questions below, it will take you next to no time at all to find the perfect leather Men’s Wallets.

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