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Winter Essentials: Parkas + Flannel Suits + Crepe Soles

Winter Essentials: Parkas + Flannel Suits + Crepe Soles

Winter Essentials: Men's Style Pro

With the Polar Vortex crippling the United States (Again!!) with an Arctic chill and the fact that you still need to go to work pay bills, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to go outside and brave the elements. Don’t be the guy caught out there improperly under-dressed for these extremely frigid and often snow condition, when you’re headed to the office this winter.

To get through the barren winters with the semblance of style, it’s time to invest in three things: Flannel Suit, Parka & Crepe Leather Soled Shoes. This feature will show you how to pull these elements together and really help you kick winter in the face.

Winter Essentials: Men's Style Pro

 Custom Flannel Three Piece Grey Suit – Oliver Wicks | Green Fur Hooded Parka – H&M | French Toast Tie ($15) – Max by VJ |  Bengal Striped Shirt – H&M | Green leather gloves – H&M | Crepe (Rubber) Sole Longwing Shoes – Beckett Simonon $89.00 

Sacrificing your style to stay warm doesn’t have to be an option during the winter months. Step number one, get a flannel suit in a work appropriate color (navy, grey or forest green) and wear the hell out of it (You Can Stay Tailored IN THE WINTER!!!). Just like your spring/summer light grey wool suit, your heavy weight flannel suit can be worn tons of ways and is the best way to keep warm when suiting up frost-bite style. 

Skimping on your outerwear will leave you dead in this cold. Your wool topcoat is fine & dandy for everything above 32 degree, however; its time to pull out the heavy hitting parka and rock it over your suit. Opt for neutral colors like navy, grey or olive if you’re not the most adventurous in the style department. 

Style Tips

  • You’re not trying to stand out with your parka, keep the color neutral when pairing with a suit
  • Use your hood! Trust us, it warmer than you think and will protect from those cold, whipping winds
  • When throwing it over a suit jacket or blazer, your parka should be at least half and inch longer
  • You’re not an Olympic swimmer, so there’s no need to have you parka coming down to your calves 

Winter Essentials: Men's Style Pro

Winter Essentials: Men's Style Pro

Destroying your footwear with rocks salt, snow, slush and other winter elements is a pure pain in the ass especially when wearing leather soled shoes. There are tons of hybrid-kicks that offer clunky rubber soles with a sleek leather upper, that just doesn’t look good. The key to finding a great rubber soled dress shoes is finding a pair with a complementary sleek silhouette throughout. 

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Style Tip

  • If you’re not going to wear shoe covers or galoshes, opt for wearing a darker leather with your suits during inclement weather
  • Getting your shoes polished and conditioned during the winter will help to extend their life
  • Rubber soles. Often seen as casual element of footwear, when properly shaped and designed for a dress shoe, rubber soles will keep your feet dry and will still be work appropriate

Winter Essentials: Men's Style Pro: Beckett Simonon Longwing

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