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Top Gear To Get You Fit In 2019

Top Gear To Get You Fit In 2019

Men's Fitness Gear 2019

Stick To Your 2019 Fitness Goals 

w/ a little swagger

Holiday gut got you down? Smelling the sunblock of those looming beach days? Well, there’s nothing like a new year to jumpstart your fitness goals. New year + new gear = Fit #AF (hopefully). We’ve compiled our favorite fitness items that will help you look like you workout and a few that will actually make you sweat. 


Sabir Peele Puma Jump Fitness 2019


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Puma Hybrid Runner Cross Trainer

Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner 


One of the most underrated cross training sneakers of 2018, should become your go-to for all things fitness in 2019. With a sock style that actually provides support and an outsole that’s not only extremely comfortable, these sneakers are insanely responsive (so get some miles in too) — it’s the sneaker that you’ve needed to get to that next fitness level. Plus, Puma has released them in a ton of colorways (these are the ones that I have) — so you can still be a street style GAWD post workout. 

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Fitbit Versa 

In the world of smartwatches, I’ve literally tried them all — so this is a true assessment. Fitbit’s Versa (and the Ionic) is the best watch for someone looking to improve/track and enjoy their fitness journey. With 15+ fitness modes, Fitbit Coach and the best food tracking software, the Versa (and Fitbit) check all the boxes. I’m wearing this one right now (in silver) as I type this post and have used it for close to 8 months. And yes, they offer interchangeable straps, music controls and GooglePay too!

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Nordic Track S22i Studio CycleNordic Track Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

Busy schedules mean finding time to fit in a home workout and the Nordic Track S22i Studio Cycle becomes your all-in-one home gym. Live cycling classes, bootcamp style workout and a host of other features, it looks like Nordic Track has created the ideal product in the stationary cycle wars. Also, at $1999, you membership fee is included for the live cycling and workout classes. 

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Sweet Briar Camo Duffle Bag

SweetBriar Camo Gym Duffle

A gym back with some attitude and a separate footwear compartment. Keep it by the door and grab it on your way to work.

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Ab Carver - Ab Roller

Ab Carver Pro Roller

I’ve used this many times at the gym and with its wide shape and serious tension, you’re able to move in directions that a traditional ab roller doesn’t offer 

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Nike Mesh DriFit Running Hat

Hitting the gym or out for a run, a moisture-wicking hat keep the sweat out of your eyes and hides that “gym hair”

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Old Navy Galactic Stretch Joggers

Old Navy 4 Way Stretch Joggers

It’s cold and grey outside, so adding a punch of color to your joggers will brighten your mood. Or, you can just throw them on and run some errands (do you homie)

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Reigning Champ Fight Night Short

Reigning Champ “Fight Night” Cutoff Sweat Short

Fighter chic style is always in style

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USA Track top from

Ultras USA Track Singlet

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A retro-style racing singlet is perfect for those “gun show” days or when you’re actually running a race

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Grand AC Running Tights in Mulberry

Grand AC Parkway Tights in Mulberry

Base layers are necessary, especially in a deep red color that will make you look alive during that 5:30 am workout

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25 Lb Kettlebell Weight

Day 1 Fitness 25lb Kettlebell Weight


Keep it beside your bed and knock out squats, arm swings and push-ups first thing in the morning and before bed at night (start with a 25lb – 30lb weight)

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Endeavor Athletic Lightweight Puffer

Endeavor Athletic Lightweight Puffer Jacket

It’s going to be cold, but, mobility is ideal. This lightweight puffer jacket has all the features of an athletic shirt, but, the functionality of your warmest jacket

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Puma Check Polar Hoodie

Puma Check Polar Hoodie

Lumberjack swag that would make Notorious BIG proud. And it’s warm as hell

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