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Gym Style Upgrade: Men’s Style Pro x C9 by Champion for Target

Gym Style Upgrade: Men’s Style Pro x C9 by Champion for Target

MSP C9 Target Gym Style

(All Text in Burgundy is Clickable) (Disclaimer: All clothing and some footwear are by C9 by Champion for Target)

(Location: Gym: Anytime Fitness in Collegeville, Pa (Join Today and visit them on Facebook)(Contact info and 130 W. Main St., Collegeville, PA. 1 (610) 489-6652)

Just because fall is arriving, doesn’t mean the many hours you’ve spent at the gym, on the track, basketball court, or bike trails should end. The one thing that should end is dressing like a bum because you are headed to the gym or about to start your workout. Ripped up t-shirts, ratty sweatpants and stained hooded sweatshirts will be a thing of the past when you discover the comfortable, cool, and affordable gear Target has to offer. One of the most physically active times in your day, when performance matters the most, will be during your workout session and you should dress the part.

C9 by Champion for Target is where style, performance, fitness and affordability come together. I’ve been a runner since childhood, my athletic background is in track & field. I distinctly remember the thrill of getting our team apparel for the season in high school and college and seeing what new technology had been incorporated into our performance wear. After graduating from college sometime ago and realizing I was going to have to pay for workout apparel with my own money, C9 by Champion for Target was a lifesaver (and money saver). With prices ranging from $15 to $35, there is no reason to look elsewhere for quality and affordable fitness gear.


Style & Functional Benefits of C9 by Champion For Target Apparel:

  • The price range of $14.99 to $34.99 is unbeatable.
  • The Duo Dry fabric wicks away sweat amazingly.  They’ve even used it in their sneakers.
  • For the price, the quality really exceeds expectations.
  • There are a variety of styles, cuts, colors and patterns that will match any guys’ style and sport.
  • Their pants come in a few lengths, as well do their shorts.
  • You can workout in properly fitted activewear and avoid looking like a clueless co-ed.
  • The tapered pant legs keep the bottoms from dragging and fraying, they also have a functional zipper for easy removal.
  • You can mix and layer the pieces as need depending on the weather.
  • The long sleeve compression shirt and long tights provide great warmth and are an excellent substitute for having to layer in the early to mid fall.
  • Overall maneuverability when working out is always at its highest.

Gym Warm-Up Style

White Duo-Dry Pullover Shirt by C9 by Champion for Target – 

Cross Trainers by C9 by Champion for Target

Going Sleeveless At The Gym

Green Sleeveless Duo Dry Shirt by C9 by Champion for Target

Duo Dry Compression Shorts & Running Shorts by C9 by Champion For Target

Unseen black “No-Show” Socks by C9 by Champion for Target

Hitting The Track

Neon Orange Duo Dry Top by C9 by Champion for Target

Duo Dry Taper Warm Up Pants C9 by Champion For Target

Zip Pant Leg + Sneakers are made from Duo Dry Material

Compression Gear & Honey Combs Patterns

Sleeveless Duo Dry Compression Shirt (with honeycomb back pattern) C9 by Champion for Target

Power Core Duo Dry Compression Short C9 by Champion for Target

Long Sleeves & Long Tights

Duo Dry Mock-Neck Long Sleeve Compression Top C9 by Champion For Target

Duo Dry Compression Long Tight C9 by Champion for Target- Techstar Track Spikes by Adidas

Follow @Target @TargetStyle & @ABullseyeView. Visit the C9 For Target Section of your local Target or shop online for new workout gear.

Photo/Videography Credit : Marina T. Peele




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