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Jeff Goldblum: The Style Icon We Need Today

Jeff Goldblum: The Style Icon We Need Today

Jeff Goldblum Style


Let The Fly Teach You How To Be Fly

Jeff Goldblum w/ the ultimate style flex to inspire you


From cult sex symbol to modern-style icon, Jeff Goldblum is having something of renaissance (just follow @JeffGoldblum on Instagram). With movies like Grand Budapest Hotel, Jurassic World, and THOR Ragnorok a new generation of fans are now learning about the awesomeness that is Mr. Goldblum. For me, in the early 90’s my first encounter with GB (in my mind we’re friends) was the movie — The Fly. And, when he linked up with The Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith in Independence Day, my admiration for the swagger and acting prowess of Jeff was solidified. 

Fast-forward to today, he’s now receiving Icon Award for British GQ and was snubbed (IMO) by the voters in GQ America’s Most Stylish Bracket with the quarter finals wins going to Ryan Reynolds. To our benefit, we’re seeing a man that’s discovered his new-found sense of new wave Rat-pack style that we can all take a few pointers from. At 66 years old, Jeff is giving the middle finger to ageism in the style world. 

Here’s a few looks & style move that put JG in our top spot for Most Stylish Man of 2018/19.

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First looks in Venice @labiennale! ✨ (: @emiliegoldblum, : @atvottero @prada)

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Bold Shirts & Suits FTW

A style move that we’ve been behind for quite some time is the bold pattern shirt with a solid suit. Now, you might now have access the plethora of Prada shirts like Jeff, but you get the idea. Even though he does a fair amount of pattern mixing, this is the perfect example of bold shirt, solid color suit and a solid shoes (and frames) to ground the look. 



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✔️✔️✔️✔️ @shortlistmagazine ✔️ #sweaterlove

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Classic Footwear w/ A Kick (Plus Sweater Game)

Black & white contrasting footwear has become the hallmark of a Goldblum outfit. And for most of us, those spectator style shoes are a relic of the past. What he’s done is given them new life as an everyday staple that happens to standout without making them a focus.



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2018…leather pants…cop or nah? #shoppingwithjeff #5stagesofleatherpants #swipe @ysl @atvottero ☺️⚖️♠️

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Leather Pant Swaglord

You might not catch me in leather pants, but, this makes one of helluva case for them. But, the real winner of this look is the black denim trucker jacket. Paired with a simple white t-shirt, this is essentially an elevated casual look of jeans & t-shirt. Rock on Jeff!


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Mr. Rogers Moves

Cardigans. We want to love them, but, guys still don’t know how to wear them. The move here, throw it over a texture polo shirt and heavy wool trousers. Basically, let the textures run wild, but, keep the colors neutral. 



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“Came through drippin’…” @iamcardib @migos #drip 💎💎💎

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Rings & Things

Wear more jewelry, especially rings. Finding your balance when it comes to sizes and metals is crucial. I’d say start with two rings and move on from there if you’re feeling bold. For some additional color, a ring with a turquoise stone will change the game. Also, peeps the black & white Weejun loafers (footwear consistency).


Unblack Your Black Tie Style

Mixing a white dinner jacket, midnight blue bowtie & tux pants is a very fresh way to do black tie. Plus, if you’ve played jazzy venues with your band like Jeff, this look really helps you to stand out from the rest of the crew. Give his album, The Capital Studio Session with his band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. 

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