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MSP Endorses | Tracksmith – Performance Running Apparel

MSP Endorses | Tracksmith – Performance Running Apparel


Born out of the need for a heritage running apparel brand, Tracksmith, is the brain child of for former Yale University runner Matt Taylor & Luke Scheybeler (formerly of Rapha). Melding together New England style, Ivy league heritage and good ol’ American athletic performance and know-how Tracksmith is a new-American classic (in the making). 

Each piece from the brand has a story. The diagonal stripe on the Van Cordlandt Singlet was inspired by the sashing ceremony at Cornell University when a runner score a leagues. Besides a strong heritage, the pieces are highly functional and are meant to be battle tested on your longest/hardest runs. This brands connects with me on a very personal level because I competed in track & field for 12 years from the grade school through NCAA (and USATF) levels. As a form competitive runner, there is a strong sense of style and function that goes into what you wear and Tracksmith has tapped into what makes the sport and culture breathe. Even if you’re not an avid runner, these clothes will make you feel like the souls of the best runners from the past are in you.

Below are some piece from the brand. Be sure to click on the spike bag because it has a very unique story to how the patterns are selected.

Van Cortlandt Singlet



Van Cortlandt Short (navy, racing green & crimson available)

Vancortland Short Navy Front_003

Longfellow Short (crimson, navy, olive and orange)

Longfellow Red Front_011 Tracksmith

Grayboy Varsity Tee (crimson & navy writing)

GrayBoy Rev_007

Factory Floor Spike Bag

Factory Floor Spike bag

Be sure to check out Tracksmith here to learn more about their brand and grab some heritage running gear.

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