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Find Your Watch Style 3 Ways w/ Zodiac

Find Your Watch Style 3 Ways w/ Zodiac

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

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Picking the right watch to fit your style, personality, and overall utility is a task that can often leave you more frustrated than elated. Trying to understand complications, case sizes, automatic vs mechanical and a host of horological terms that might sound like another language can be somewhat intimidating.

So, to help you figure out your watch style, I’ve partnered w/ my favorite watch brand – Zodiac. I’ll take you through three of their iconic styles and give you some tips on selecting the perfect timepiece for youself. The three watches featured are the Olympos, Grandrally & Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression.

The Everyday Essential Timepiece Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Grandrally Watch – Zodiac

Most guys are looking for a watch that works with everything in their wardrobe, we’ll call it – The Everyday Essential Watch. From work to play and everything in between this watch is the base of a solid watch collection. I’ve selected Grandrally watch because of its versatile silver dial and slightly unique case shape that teeters the line between sporty and dressy.

Why This Watch Works With Everything You Own

  • Size is key. With a 41.5mm case diameter and 14mm thickness, it’s substantial enough to have a presence. However; it’s small and refined enough to wear with tailored clothing or your day-to-day sportswear.
  • The silver dial is extremely versatile. I’m wearing it with a red sweatshirt as I type this feature and the day prior, I wore it with a blue/black suit for a photo shoot. It’s doesn’t clash with much of anything, which makes it perfect.
  • The luxe factor is given a boost with the dial’s panda-style complication. You’ll want to wear it all the time and answer all the questions people will ask you

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Dressed To The Nines In Gold

Olympos Watch in Gold– Zodiac

Time and again, dress watches are given to signify major achievements (promotion, wedding, graduation & anniversary) or milestone. Where most dress watches are extremely understated or over-the-top unique, the Olympos falls in that magic sweet spot. As a reissue of the original 1961 model, this modern version is slightly larger than its predecessor coming but still takes on the unique and classic manta-ray shape that makes it so eye-catching.

Why This Works As The Ultimate Dress Watch

Gold Is Good! And, a gold timepiece is still the king of luxe watches. Paired with a dark suit or tuxedo, it will provide that glimmer of classic style to finish your look

  • Once again, size matters. With a slim 10 mm case and 37.5 mm diameter – the Olympos is sleek enough to keep the silhouette of your well-tailored outfit
  • How about a bit of juxtaposition!? The leather band has a brushed quality that adds unexpected texture to a finely polished metal case
  • Artful dial design. The four-quadrant design is subtle, but, it gives this minimal watch a head-turning quality

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Sporty Weekend 

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch – Zodiac


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There’s always a need for a watch that’s rugged yet refined for a weekend ride on your café racer (or your peddle bike) and can play double-duty by topping off a refined date look. And, the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression watch it checks off all the style boxes. As much as I can gush over this watchmaking me feel like James Bond, below are a few reasons why it works for the sporty guy on the go:

  • Silicone band FTW! Because you never know when you might go for an impromptu swim or need to break a sweat
  • The black dial perfect background for the orange minute-hand and hash marks to stand out. Almost giving this watch a pop-art feel and it can play double duty as a dress watch
  • With a 40mm case, it’s the ideal universal size for any guy
  • Of couse, you can it for a swim – it’s a diver

In the end, you don’t really have to be one type of watch wearer to find the “perfect” one for you. As someone that has a collection of watches, there are individual details and occasions that draw me to certain timepieces.  


Which is your favorite of the 3 watches? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro

Zodiac Watches x Men's Style Pro


Photography by Saeed Ferguson of All Cap Studio

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