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Mercedes-Benz Collection: A Review

Mercedes-Benz Collection: A Review

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro Review Mercedes Benz Collection

A New Era Of Luxury Is Upon Us

and Mercedes-Benz Is Taking The Lead

In today’s day and age, subscription services are as common as mobile devices, everybody has one. However; as much as we have clothing, groceries, fragrances and other subscriptions products arriving at our doorstep every day, I never thought there would be a subscription service for cars.

In rolls Mercedes-Benz Collection — the new luxury vehicle subscription service. In short, think if Birchbox (not affiliated with MB) had access to a fleet of luxury cars, you open a mobile app on your phone and type in, “I need a vehicle for a long weekend, that can hold five people and some camping gear”. The next day, a concierge shows up at your house, gives you the rundown on your vehicle and then you’re off to live your best life. That’s MB Collection in a nutshell. 

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro Review Mercedes Benz Collection

Mercedes Benz AMG C 43

As someone who appreciates craftsmanship, design, luxury and a splash of opulence — experiencing such a variety of vehicles that Mercedes-Benz offers has been a dream. More importantly, taking a deeper look at their Collection program, there are many pros and cons to such a revolutionary concept in a space that bridges technology from the mobile application side to luxury product and service verticals. 

How It Works

Check out the MB Collection — How It Works page for information directly from the brand. However; once you’ve downloaded the Collection app (iOS & Android), you’re almost set. Right now, the program is in its pilot phase and is only available in the Philadelphia (and greater Philadelphia-area) and Nashville. 

If you’re within the area, you’ll select which tier you’d like to try — Reserve or Premier. With Reserve, you can flip cars four times a month and at the Premier level, you can flip cars often as you’d like (so, you can ball all the way out and drive a different car each day of the week). 

A concierge will meet you at the location that you’ve provided for your flip and will guide you through the specs and features of the vehicle. After that walkthrough, you’ll be left with a beautiful vehicle to enjoy.

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro Review Mercedes Benz Collection

 Mercedes Benz Collection

Is It Worth It?

Before getting deep into this review, I have to preface that Mercedes-Benz has given me a free trial of Premier level of the subscription service. The goal is to have me review and give feedback on the app and program itself (hopefully, making it better for you in the future). However; I’m giving this review with the most objective eye. As someone who doesn’t drive a luxury vehicle on a regular basis, this is what I think of the membership program. 


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  • the ability to flip cars and experience across the entire Mercedes-Benz spectrum is truly a pleasure. It’s really expanded my knowledge base of the brand
  • the convenience of using the mobile app and concierge delivery is all too seamless. I’ve been impressed with how accessible the MB Collection has been regarding any question or issue I’ve had with the cars or service
  • Selecting vehicles by your need helps to expand your way of thinking about the activities you choose to do or take a look at your daily lifestyle. I drive my two-year-old son around daily, so most of the vehicles I’ve selected have been four-door sedans
  • The program is month-to-month. There are no long-term contracts.
  • You can upgrade your car if you’re in the Reserve tier for an extra fee. Meaning you don’t have to take on the full-months cost for a one-time upgrade
  • You don’t pay for insurance and this is not a lease. You’ll pay your monthly subscription fee (+tax) and to gas up the vehicle
  • You get to drive some amazing vehicles


  • Price: Now, if you’re considering this subscription service you should be expecting luxury pricing. The pricing tiers are as follows: Reserve – $1595 Month plus tax | Premier – $2995 Month plus tax. If you fall into a particular economic bracket, this membership pricing will be right up your alley, for others it might not
  • Time of delivery: You have to select a window of 3 hours for your car to arrive. On two occasions, my flip arrived an hour later than expected. In my flip description, I’ve mentioned a specific time that I really needed the vehicle to arrive by. 

Final Thoughts

Since it’s the beginning phase of the subscription service, things like arrival time for flips will get sorted out. That being said, I think this program is well worth it, especially if you can afford it.

Or if you really want to treat yourself or someone to a gift for a month, I’m sure it would be well-received. I’ve yet to hear of a car brand to offers a service like this, especially at this level. 

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro Review Mercedes Benz Collection

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro Review Mercedes Benz Collection

Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style Pro Review Mercedes Benz Collection

Disclaimer: Mercedes Benz USA gifted Men’s Style Pro with a trial of the MB Collection service, however; our review was not sponsored. 

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