Three Ways To Embrace Modern 70’s Style

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you’re the new king of modern 70’s Style

70’s style isn’t all bell-bottoms and platforms, however; it was the start of sexy men’s style. Guys were showing a little chest, crushing bold patterns and denim was king. Today, the disco swagger is making a huge resurgence thanks to brands like Tom Ford (king of 70’s swag) to fast fashion brands like Zara. 

The post features one look with three major ways to step into the 70’s this fall and not while not looking like a Saturday Night Fever extra.

Photography: Saeed Ferguson ofAll Cap Studio

Men's Style Pro 70's Style Inspired Fall Gear

Wool Plaid Bomber Jacket –Zara| Denim Shirt –Club Monaco| Tortoise Aviators Glasses –Zenni Optical| Belt – Curated | Jeans –Michael Bastian| Watch –Oris via WatchBox| Chelsea Boots –Johnston & Murphy

One of the pitfalls of wearing clothing that’s era specific is looking like you’re wearing a costume. So, here are a few basics tips to rocking that 70’s inspired attire: save the polyester suits and shirts for Halloween, keep your tailoring in check as you’d do with any piece in your wardrobe, start with colors that are ideal with fall and something that you’d naturally wear.

Now Here Are Three Ways To Pull A 70’s-Inspired Look Like This Together
  1. Denim on Denim: The key is to pair a light-wash denim shirt with a pair of dark wash jeans. If you’re not into all that denim, opt for short-sleeve white henley shirt. It’ll get the job done. Don’t be afraid to undo a few buttons on your shirt too
  2. The Funky Bomber Jacket: during the 70’s, menswear & women’s wear was full of punched up plaids. Add a bomber like this one or maybe a corduroy fabric to your all denim look and you’ll be 90 percent on your way
  3. Finishing Touches (rings, eyewear, belts & boots): there was a high level of confidence when it came to style during the 70’s. And, where most people decided to stand out from the crowd was with their accessories. An aviator frame in tortoise isWarren Beattycool. Add in a Chelsea boot as a modern replacement for the platform shoe and top it off with a few rings and you’re all set

Men's Style Pro 70's Style Inspired Fall Gear

Men's Style Pro 70's Style Inspired Fall Gear

Men's Style Pro 70's Style Inspired Fall Gear

Men's Style Pro 70's Inspired Fall Gear

Men's Style Pro 70's Style Inspired Fall Gear

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