Swisse x Wanderlust 108 Philly

Wanderlust Fest 108 Philly w/ Swisse


Swisse x Wanderlust 108 PhillyThe Wellness Triathlon That Changed My Mindset

There’s nothing like being surrounded by thousands of people all in one place for a singular positive purpose – improving their health and wellness. Early on a Saturday morning in September right here in Philly, I attended Wanderlust 108 the world’s only “wellness triathlon” (5k, Yoga & Meditation) where I discovered Swisse, Australia’s#1 Vitamin and Supplement brand.

Swisse x Wanderlust Fest 108 Philly Men's Style

Over the last few months, I was coming off a variety of stressful life events – including the passing of my father and finally feeling healthy after my knee surgery. Trust me when things get tough in your life, the first thing to go is your physical health. Having an athlete’s mentality (former track & field sprinter of 12 years), I have recently been working hard to get my mind right and my physical health on the right track, so the timing of Wanderlust 108 and my introduction to Swisse was serendipitous.

Since becoming familiar with the brand, I’ve had the chance to check out their Men’s Ultivite Daily Multivitamin and their Hair Skin Nails Ultiboost supplement (available via Amazon). Both products have been a part of my daily routine for two months now, and I’ve noticed a distinct improvement from taking the Hair Skin Nails product. I have dealt with dry hair and scalp for a long time and after taking this supplement, they both feel healthier. I was pleasantly surprised by my nail growth as well!

Swisse x Wanderlust Fest 108 Philly Men's Style

Swisse x Wanderlust Fest 108 Philly Men's Style

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