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Warby Parker Opens Official Philly Location

Warby Parker Opens Official Philly Location

warby parker philly store location

[dropcap size=big]W[/dropcap]arby Parker, the brand once dubbed the “Netflix of eyewear” by GQ, officially opened their Philly location this January. With a history beginning here in Philly at Wharton School of Business (UPenn), it’s somewhat of a homecoming for the innovative eyewear brand. After spending years as a pop-up at Art In The Age, Warby Parker now sits in the epicenter of the ever-growing Philadelphia retail landscape on Walnut Street.

MSP Visits Warby Parker Philly 

With an interior designed as a hybrid of a library and train station, Warby Parker has created a shopping experience with a hint of old-school charm plus some modern twists. While you wait for your eye exam, you can track your progress of on the train station style board above the reception area. Yes, it makes that fluttering sound that we are conditioned to hearing at 30th Street Station. Are you into art? Enjoy a mural painted by local artist Andy Rementer. 

With the full eyewear collection on display, walk-in empty hand. And, walk out with a fresh pair of specs. Check out the video of my visit to the store and remember to follow Men’s Style Pro’s Youtube Channel.

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