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Elevated Luxe Basics With Kotn

Elevated Luxe Basics With Kotn

Kotn Grey Hoodie

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he founding ethos of the brand Kotn was to get back to basics by creating the softest cotton t-shirt around. Lucky for us, they’re offering everything from the everyday hoodie to the coziest and the most well-tailored pajamas. With a mission to creating everyday essentials from Egyptian cotton, while doing their part to keep the industry alive, Kotn is a brand to watch. 

kotn pyjamas-light-blue-1_1400x

Pajama Set $98 

Delivering the softest t-shirt is a tall task. However, crafting a collection that takes basics in your wardrobe and makes them essentials is an even taller order. After fawning over the details put into the weave of each garment, the real standout is the story behind the brand. 

Kotn mentions in the opening of their about section that they “try to do a little good” while making these essential pieces, but, a little good is a noble understatement. With cotton farmers losing government subsidies, Kotn provides 20 Nile Delta cotton farms with seeds, fertilizer and other “essentials” to grow and sustain their cotton farms. Click here to read more about their story.

Four Favorite Items from Kotn

Kotn Grey Hoodie

     The Grey Hoodie $78

Before reading about my immense admiration of this hoodie, I’d like to preface that I wearing the black version of it while I’m typing. That’s what you call “market research”! There are three reasons why I love the grey version of this hoodie:

  1. The fit is spectacular: this is true for all pieces that I have from the brand, but, the hoodie is something special. With a fit that’s slim through the arms & torso, this is the ideal hoodie for layering under your favorite outerwear pieces
  2. The Two-Tone Coloration: the slightly darker cuff, waistband and kangaroo pocket ribbing takes this hoodie from varsity style to menswear essential
  3. It’s Cozy #AF: the #AF moniker is definitely warranted. Egyptian cotton is better in hoodie form

Kotn Black Underwear

     Black Boxer Brief $18

If you’re looking for solid support and a touch so soft that it feels like you’re nude, then these are the boxer briefs for you. There’s little to no rise even after all day wear. And, with minimal design, these are the type of boxers you’ll walk around the house in all day (even when visitors arrive).

Kotn sweatpants-black_$90

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     Black Sweatpants $90

A pair of sweatpants that fit like a tailored pair of jeans is a god-sent in today’s market of slouchy joggers. Furthermore, they feel as broken-in as your favorite college sweats that you wore every day, but, the look is rich & refine. I’ve rocked them with my mid-top black scotch grain Axel Arigato sneakers and the silhouettes complement each other quite well. 

Kotn crew neck grey t-shirt

     Grey Scoop Neck T-shirt $30

Yes, they did achieve peak softness with this t-shirt, but, that’s not its most impressive feature. The tailored fit of the sleeves around your biceps makes this t-shirt superior to most. 

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