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Your “New” Favorite Layering Piece — The Sweater Vest

Your “New” Favorite Layering Piece — The Sweater Vest

Men's Sweater Vest Style via Men's Style Pro

If you’re noticing a not-so-subtle resurgence of the sweater vest in men’s fashion — you are not wrong. The OG sleeveless & collarless piece of menswear gold is one that was once considered a uniform staple of Doug Funny, “nerds” and of course your grandpa. To be honest, nerds and grandpas had it right (and Doug), the sweater vest has style lasting-power that is finally getting.

Today, trendsetters like TylerThe Creator show that rocking a sweater vest is a nod to its menswear heritage and it stands in somewhere in a counter-cultural spot. When it’s deemed cool to rock more streetwear focused pieces to highly tailored suiting – the sweater vest is now towing the lines of both worlds.

Men's Sweater Vest Style via Men's Style Pro

Mulimia Houndstooth Sweater Vest – Amazon Fashion

Even though we’re in the height of the holiday season, the humble – yet stylish sweater vest shouldn’t be relegated to a novelty holiday clothing item. With updated takes on classic patterns, silhouettes, and colorways, it’s time to think about adding at least sweater vest to you wardrobe.

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Here are a few options that will ease you into the vested style.

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