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Collars: The Hugh & Crye Cutaway

Collars: The Hugh & Crye Cutaway

Hugh & Crye Cutaway Collar on Sabir Peele

Finding the shirt collar that compliments your style and face can be a bit of a challenge. This post features two cutaway collar shirts by Hugh & Crye. These collars would be considered an American style cutaway, which means the distance from point to point isn’t as drastic as the English cutaway. The cutaway maybe a viable option for the guy that isn’t looking for an extremely formal dress shirt, but really wants to stand out from the rest of the straight-pointed collared shirts around the office.The American version of the cutaway collar is a solid transition collar for the guy that’s interested in changing up their traditional look without going to full “dandy” status. If you’re planning to spread your collar even further, you will want to make sure your tie knot has some weight too it. A true skinny tie will not take up enough real estate with a cutaway collar and will just be out of place.

Style Tip:

  • Cutaway collar shirts look great without a tie as well, so don’t be afraid to loosen up.
  • Pair the cutaway collar with a denim jacket so that the formal characteristics of the cutaway collar shirt are not so jarring. The jacket will substitute for a blazer.The juxtaposition of rugged and tailor pieces paired together are an unexpected well thought-out look.
  • A shirt with a tailored torso should be tailored in the sleeves as well. A tailored sleeve rolls and cuffs the best.
  • An English cutaway collar can have a spread from point-to-point of about 4 inches, so choose your shirt wisely. The English cutaway collar is always wider than its American counterpart.
 1. Business Ready

Sabir Peele in Cutaway Collar shirts by Hugh & Crye

 Custom Navy Blazer by Indochino – Vintage White Pocket Square

Sabir Peele in Hugh & Crye Cutaway Collar shirt

Custom Glen Plaid Trousers by Imparali Custom Tailors“The Forman” Camo Silk Tie by The Knottery

Hugh & Crye Cutaway Close Up

White Cutaway Collar Shirt “Renegade Groomsman” by Hugh & Crye (available online)

The Hugh & Crye fit guide is like none other, that I have experienced,for an off the rack shirt.. To check out the Hugh & Crye Fit Guide, click here. You’ll notice that the guide has for different builds specified; Skinny, Slim, Athletic & Broad. Each shirt has a corresponding torso length of  short, average or tall. These all sound like typical sizing, but, each shirt is tailored like a made-to-measure shirt. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the two-ply fabric and the fit is reminiscent of a custom piece.

Maxwell Scott Leather Briefcase

 The “Lorenzo” Leather Briefcase Courtesy of Maxwell Scott (available online here)

Men's Style Pro x Mantorii Custom ShoeThe Men’s Style Pro x Mantorii Custom Double Monk Strap Shoe (available online here)

2. With A Denim Jacket As a Blazer

Gingham Hugh & Crye Shirt with Asos Denim Jacket

White Washed Slim Straight Chinos by BonobosGingham Hugh & Crye Shirt with Asos Denim Jacket

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Gingham Hugh & Crye Shirt with Asos Denim Jacket

The Multicolor “Rondo” Spread Collar Shirt by Hugh & Crye – Knit Striped Tie by Club Room

Gingham Hugh & Crye Shirt with Asos Denim Jacket

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Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele @CantWinkLefty



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